Found this in 4.6L forums

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by SadbutTrue, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Ok..... is this starting to be a joke now or what?

    This is the fourth time that this very page has been posted here in 2 days.

    Care to look around before you post :shrug: :owned:
  2. Post here much?

    ...sorry, had to do it brother.
  3. lol every day and i swear i didn't see it

  4. He's just trying to help out.
  5. honestly, i don't know what is so great about it either, its nothing I haven't seen before really.
  6. hey, that's okay, sometime there is so much going on in here its hard to keep track.

    I am not impressed either, its the same car we see in all the picks. Same color etc. I want to see different colors and options.
  7. I think the sweet part is that he got a video of it which not many people have, wait a second, no one has a vid of that car yet except this guy.
  8. i thought the exhaust note was pretty nice, if you can filter out the diesel truck thats also running nearby.
  9. you call that a vid? its a digital camera 15 fps slide show. I wish he took pictures of things we haven't seen. like the underside, trunk, foot pedal placement, etc. etc... letting the car take off like that is a slap in the face IMHO.

    Every picture he took I have already seen- be it from TV, photo press release, or the chicago autoshow.

    Granted it's nice to have an outside perspective, but I think the cameraman missed a golden opportunity in not showing more.