fox 5.0 in a tbird?

Discussion in 'Fox Engine Swaparoo' started by Base92, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. ok so i have a 86 thunderbird 3.8L with a 232 and wanted to get a more power at first i was thinking to go for a 2.3L turbo but i think i'd rather go with the 5.0 :) i was wondering what year of mustang i can snatch a 5.0 out of and if it would bolt in or if i would have to modify it? also saw a thunderbird with a 5.0 cobra! was wondering how the hell i could put one of those babys in my lil thunderchicken thanks :)
  2. The engine mounts up in the same spot-the t-birds came with 5.0s too...just not the HO versions. So, yes, just hijack one out of either a 5.0 t-bird, or a Mustang. Any Fox year 302 will be fine, but you may have to do a little bit of work adapting the ECU wiring harness into your bird-the connectors are the same, but I think there are a couple of swapped wires...that is, if you plan on going EFI...
  3. will i also have to get the rear end off the donor? and do you know what 5.0 birds or ponys came with an automatic tranny, thanks in advance.
  4. It wouldbe cheper to just sell and buy a T-Bird that already came with a 5.0 factory
  5. Probably would be if one was to be found that he likes...lots of options. I haven't looked, but I know I haven't seen 5.0 t-birds driving around much for several years...

    edit: just looked on eBay for S&Gs...didn't find much-I think I saw 3 5.0 t-birds varied between 2500-4000...couple of SCs too-wouldn't mind having one of those.