Fox Body Addicts On Facebook

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  1. I was just wondering how many guys here on StangNet are members of Fox Body Addicts on Facebook?
  2. I don't frequent FB anymore as it gets me in trouble with the wife! I do like Instagram with the photos and all though
  3. never heard of it. I would rather see forum posts and long winded threads about a specific car or topic than a FB post though. Just my .02
  4. Lots of guys there with LS powered Foxes, kinda pisses me off but it's their Stang so they can put what ever they want under the hood. I'll stick with Ford power in mine. There is another Facebook group called 79-93 Ford powered Fox bodies. And there is also one called Fox Body Fanatics.
  5. yep, im a member there too
  6. I'm a member.
  7. I find addicts to get very aggravating as there is so much wrong info thrown around there when questions are asked it makes me want to smash my phone.
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  8. yup... i find a lot of morons over there!
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  9. I see alot of the time when i go to correct things that i cant keep my mouth shut on you have already been through there lol
  10. Haha I think I come off as more of an ******* then I really am since I'm kinda short with my answers. But I'm not going to type a book to lay it out in detail for everyone.
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  11. Never heard of fox body addicts
  12. FB is evil- nothing more than a way for the NSA to datamine. FB sells all of your info. Plus Zuckerberg is a complete ass. He's openly stated people were fools for posting their PI on the site.

    I never got the deal with why people use it. Even the teenagers are losing the appeal and moved to instagram, tumblr, vine.
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  13. I'm there as well, there is a lot of ill informed people on there and the LS swap stuff does get a bit on my nerves, oh well to each their own.