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  1. I have quite a bit of miscellanous mustang parts for sale. 2 double hump cross members, 2 alternators (stock with underdrive pulley's on them both have approximately 350 miles of them, perfect working condition), 2 crank under drive pulley's and 1 water pump underdrive pulley (all under drive pulley's are black), 1 timing chain cover and 2 water pumps ( both have approximately 350 miles on them), 2 stock distributors (one with bronze gear other with steel, again 350 miles on them). One 2 1/16 Autometer Electric Oil Pressure gauge, one 2 1/16 autometer electric water tem gauge (both like new and have everything with them) I also have miscellanous stock air conditioner and power steering brackets. One air conditioner kit (everything you need) I also have a new set of front seats and rear cloth seats out of my 1991. Seats are new no rip or wear. I have pictures of everything just call me or give me an email address so that I can send to you. Call or email for pics. You can reach me at 502-645-4490 or at [email protected]. My name is Scott.
  2. I was wondering about the 130 amp alternator, crank ud pulley, and water pump ud pulley, electric fan, A/F meter, and fuel pressure regulator. How much for all of these things, and what are you looking for in a possible trade?
  3. I am just getting back into things. Everything that i have now I have two or three of and my new car came with everything except for a few items. I am looking for autometer gauges in silver face, mechanical not electrical. Prefer 2 5/8. Looking for water temp, oil temp, oil pressure, boost up to 30psi, fuel pressure, acufab throttle body 75mm, I have a BBK 75mm with egr that i will be selling. Let me know what you have to trade and we can go from there. Fuel pressure regulator was sold yesterday to a neighbor. If you want to buy all I will take 300 for all plus shipping.
  4. Is that 300 for everything you have? I just need the one set of pulleys the alternator and the AF meter if it's wideband and the fan
  5. that is for the alternator, one set of pulleys, af meter and fan. af is wideband
  6. Make me some offers for this stuff and I might take it. I need it out of my garage.
  7. Wideband has been sold. I now have 30lb injectors and C&L meter for sale. I upgraded to 50lb. Only have approximately 1000 miles on them.
  8. How big is the meter for the 30lb injectors and how much for the meter and injectors shipped to 46507?
  9. I sent you an email. Thanks Michael
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