1. I'm not yet that well versed in the Fox world.. but isn't an LX a V8? And $12,000?! Don't know if you're serious or not, but I would NOT pay that much money for a 4 cyl Fox, unless it was an uber low mileage SVO with the stickshift. If that.
  2. Not sure if you read the description but that has a 532cui motor that likely cost close to 10k to build. Might not be a bad deal if someone is looking for a turnkey race car.
  3. Base LXs came with a 2.3; the 5.0 was optional.

    The drag car is the only one on that site that has anything close to a sane price.
  4. Even comes with a FLAT TIRE! You'd think they'd air that front tire up for the advertisement picture.
  5. Like listing a car for sale when it's covered in dirt.
  6. Ahhh. Had no idea. Haven't seen many Foxes, and all LX's I've seen have been V8's.
  7. Yeah said it ran low 10's I believe.
  8. I think it would run better with someone that knew what they were doing. Honestly those decals are what's keeping it from selling.
  9. those decals are tits