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  1. Has anyone received their fox mustang magazine yet. I subscribed about two months ago and nothing. Thanks:shrug:
  2. nope. it's a new mag so it may take awhile. some of the current ones can take up 6wks to process a new subscription let alone a new company. I'm hoping they got enough interest.
  3. The first issue is going to be January 2012, delivered in December.
  4. cant wait! also i hope im the giveaway winner tomorrow :)
  5. I can't wait to see it either
  6. I can't wait either. Thanks for the info.
  7. How do I subscibe!
  8. I'm # 1121. Looking VERY forward to it. I'll be dropping 2 of the 3 Mustang mags I currently subscribe to.
  9. I hope this turns out to be a good magazine.
  10. This magazine is new to me. I got this at Barnes & Noble the other night.
  11. We can't EDIT posts? That's an issue.


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  12. I havent received my mag, and why is there no talk about it? hasn't anyone got it yet? or too busy reading it? no talk even on their facebook page.
  13. I subcribed to that Magaziene myself a couple months ago and have yet to recieve any thing myself!
  14. I sent a few emails to them asking to change my address and no reply at all. Not even an auto-reply...
  15. The suspense thickens..........
    Will the loyal early subscribers get their magazine from the small start up publication with a staff of two struggling for the attention of the advertisers, or will they get the shaft? Have all of the "Big" rags secretly conspired to shut the little guy down? If the magazine is a "no start," will everyone get their subscription fees reimbursed? Is there ANYTHING wythors ( Subscriber #1) can say or do to calm the nerves of the uneasy mob??? OR, is he somehow "in" on the fix?:scratch:
    Will tad elope w/ that **** Wendy, and defy the wishes of his well to do parents?:eek:

    Stay tuned next week for another revealing episode of.............Will they, or won't they?
  16. There is a Stangnet banner ad for this magazine. Saw it when I opened up this thread.
  17. As of a couple of days ago, it was at the printer waiting to ship.
  18. Get their phone number off the website and give them a call. This is a very small organization and someone will answer the phone.
  19. for the mean time I just cut all the 5.0 articles out of the 1000LBS of old mustang mags and put them together as one. Now I dont ever need another magazine again !!!!