FREE Fox body stuff

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 1991notchbackLX, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. first come first serve... this shouldn't be illegal since i'm not selling anything, just giving crap away... right mods? post up with what you want :shrug:

    stock reman alternator (works perfectly)

    stock antenna

    stock pullies

    new water neck and gasket

    new 180* thermostat

    two new sets of chrome lug nuts (four lug)

    new blue silicone heater hoses and clamps

    two new rear control arm bushings

    new black MSD wire separators (didnt fit my 8mm ford racing wires)

    grey console armrest (latch broken)

    two sylvania headlight bulbs (work perfectly)
  2. I will take the 180 t stat....:nice:
  3. post what you want and your shipping address (or PM it if you're not comfortable posting), and paypal a few bucks for shipping to [email protected]

    (mods: is it illegal for me to take shipping money for these? i want to give stuff away but i'm too broke to eat the shipping costs too, haha)
  4. Console!
  5. going fast! console, t-stat, bushings, wire separators, antenna, heater hoses, and lugs spoken for!
  6. I'm not sure if this is legal or not. :shrug:

    I will ask the Stangnet Gods. BRB

  7. if it is legal can we have a pay it forward thread where people can offer up their free parts to good active members of the forums
  8. I say let's go ahead with the free stuff thread, but under the condition that the items remain free of cost (shipping is obviously a necessity, so that can be charged, but keep that to PM's, please). We had a "cleaning out the garage" thread in 94-95 where free stuff was given away by members and it went over pretty well.
  9. Free, or not. This should still be located in the Classifieds Section. Items are being exchanged from one member to another and transactions are taking place.
  10. I call dibs on the crank pulley and heater hoses. I'll PM you about it.
  11. Thanks for letting this one live, Lynn and Matt. I'm not taking any money for the items, but as you all know I no longer have a fox and would like to help out some other members with projects. The majority of the stuff is spoken for already, so this thread may not last long anyhow, but anyone who wants something from the list feel free to PM or post up in here about it.
  12. Water neck and gasket. PM me with the shipping amount and I'll PayPal you.I'll be home at 3:30 today.
  13. I'll take the heater hoses if the deal falls through
  14. i'll take the headlight bulbs, PM me a shipping price to 01129
  15. Payment sent for the Thermostat housing,gasket and thermostat.
  16. sorry for the miscommunication, but if you read above you'll see EPIK claimed the thermostat already, but the housing and gasket is yours
  17. Good enough.Keep the funds anyway.
  18. hey buddy i guess you would have posted this if you had it but worth a shot, you have a set of stock valve covers?
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