SOLD Fs: 1988 Gt

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  1. Name: Don

    Location: East Earl, PA

    Price: $1500

    Car: This is my 1988 Mustang 5.0. I bought the car as a project. It came into my possession as a rolling chassis. The previous owner had said that the original motor had ate a lifter. They had purchased another motor and it came with the car when I bought it. The car as it sits right now does not currently run as I have the driver side head off. It did run for a short time but I noticed that coolant was coming out of the driver side header. I did a compression test, 130 across the board. I did the head gasket and intake gasket on that side, same problem. As it currently sits, the head is off as I was going to purchase one but then lost interest.


    Fresh engine to my knowledge. With the head off you can clearly see it has hyper sealed power pistons, walls look good, no ridge etc. I noticed once the intake came off that this was NOT a roller motor.

    Speed density car

    Ford Racing A/C delete

    New power steering pump

    New tensioner pulley and belt

    2 New NTK o2 sensors

    New starter

    Pacesetter shorties

    Offroad X that came with the car

    Flowmaster catback

    Big aluminum radiator, Ford blue silicone hoses, 180 thermostat, new water outlet.

    Underdrive crank and water pump pulley

    New balancer


    Claimed it was a newish T5.

    Zoom Pressure plate, centerforce disc

    Couldn't really drive it, but backing it into the drive way and going forward, no issues, no grinding

    New Ford Racing clutch fork and cable with adjustable quadrant. It needs a firewall adjuster, the clutch grabs too high.

    New tailshaft seal

    Short throw

    Fresh fluid when it was put into the car


    New pinion seal and blew out the vent for the diff as it seems like it was plugged up.

    Pulled the cover, everything looked great but couldn't tell gear ratio, I assume it's stock.

    Resealed it up and put in new fluid and friction modifier.


    Saleen wing (sitting in the corner of the garage, I planned to fill the holes drilled by the previous owner)

    Cervini cowl hood

    Smoked head lights, cobra front bumper

    LX tail lights

    Rolling around on GT wheels in the front and 4 cylinder wheels in the back. I didn't really care much for wheels until the car was moving so i had these on it to move it in and out of the garage.

    There is no typical door bottom rust and the floor pans are solid. There was some surface rust on the driver side floor pan that I wire wheeled and sealed up. The seals around the doors are new as well as both seals around the sunroof. I pulled the quarter window and resealed them as well. No leaks anymore.


    Gutted but everything is boxed up. All the interior trim I removed myself with trim removal tools because I am anal. You will need carpet and a headliner. You will need a dashpad and those center a/c vents. I don't have a driver seat because it was trashed and I planned on doing aftermarket ones.

    That's all I can think of at the current moment. It's a solid car, minimal rust and i mean minimal. It is an oddly optioned car as well, has a sun roof but roll up windows. No cruise, no power locks. Previous owner had spray painted it black, The car was put together with care and it shows (at least the stuff i did that is). You can reach me @ 6317074323. I put so much time, money and effort to getting it to the point it is right now and I have just lost interest to be honest.
  2. None of your pictures work. Please fix.

  3. I can see them...
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  4. Thanks for that heads up @jcgafford I now see where the blockage was. :nice:

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  5. ok so they are cool? I had to trigger finger ready to redo them haha. Thanks guys.
  6. Yep, it's cool. :)
  7. I may part this car out as well if anyone needs anything. Seems like a waste though as it's an easy 5.0 swap donor car the way it sits. If you're looking for just the drivetrain, we can work something out as well! I kind of just want the car out of my garage.
  8. If you decide to part it I may be interested in the Cervini Hood depending on price.

  9. I will keep that in mind. Where are you located Sarge?
  10. Near Albany NY, but my Aunt and Uncle live in Reading PA so It would be an excuse to visit them if you do decide to sell it.

  11. Lots of offers but no one has come to get this thing yet. Feel free to make an offer!
  12. SOLD! thanks guys!
  13. Nice... Did you sell as a result of your ad here, or an unrelated contact?
  14. Well I sold the hood to Andy (sarge) and I sold the car to Brain, who texted me. I am unsure if Brian saw the ad on here or not but I assume he did since the AD wasn't posted on craiglist in the NY area.
  15. Kewl... I'm considering ways to improve metrics and exposure here. Always. :nice:
  16. Honestly, i really like the way this forum is set up. I like the notifications of how the thread will expire or if you want to say its sold, those are awesome features.
  17. I am getting the Hood from Brian tomorrow, great guys both of you. Thanks for facilitating this he said the hood is in great shape and I cant wait to get some pain on it and on my car.

    Thanks again,
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