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    Ford Mustang Interior LED Kit

    At Diode Dynamics, we carry a full line of LED bulbs, to replace your map lights, license plate lights, vanity lights, trunk light, turn signals, fog lights, and more!

    We carry the brightest, highest-quality bulbs at the lowest prices. Your order will ship same day, and we're here if you need us for support and service. And we do not jack up the prices to astronomical levels- We're breaking that market trend, and offering you great, low prices, every day. These LED bulbs are made just for us by a company that has been in business since 1992, and every bulb carries with it a one-year full warranty.

    Our LED Conversion Kits include all of the LED bulbs you need to replace the incandescent bulbs in your vehicle, for interior and license locations. It has been tested in your specific vehicle, for perfect fitment, and no guesswork! No modification is required for installation, you simply replace the bulbs!

    We are pleased to offer these LEDs in a truly customized way. You can create the kit that you prefer. Simply change the quantity to "0" for any bulbs that you do not wish to purchase.

    By using the ordering options on this page, you can create your own mix-and-match kit by making the proper selections on each stage, or choose one whole kit that you prefer. The product pictures are professionally taken, at the same camera settings, in order to provide an accurate idea of what the bulbs will look like, in terms of brightness compared to the factory bulbs.

    Brightness. We offer three levels of brightness, or "stages." All stages will provide a sharp, modern LED look, and all include the same number of bulbs. Please be sure to read all of the following information:​
    • Stage 1: Near factory brightness.
    • Stage 2: Slightly brighter than factory.
    • Stage 3: Much brighter than factory.
    • Stage 4 Flexlight: (Trunk only) This is a flexible LED strip with connector, for plug-and-play installation. It replaces your factory trunk light, and can be positioned anywhere you would like, with included velcro and adhesive.
    All brightness levels are for general reference only, and apply only to the use of white LEDs. Please see the note below regarding the use of colored LEDs.

    Please note that the stage 3 trunk light is often an LED board, which must be installed directly on top of the trunk light housing to achieve maximum brightness. All other lights will fit inside of the light housing with no modification. Some stage 3 interior lights use direct-replacement adapters with an LED board for maximum brightness.

    Color. White is our most popular color. It is a 6000K cool LED white. We also offer yellow, green, blue, and red, at no additional charge. When making your color selections, please bear in mind that white projects the most usable light, so white will appear brighter than the same stage of a colored bulb, usually by one stage difference. For example, a red stage 3 light will have a similar usable light output as a stage 2 white light.

    All products by Diode Dynamics are backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year full warranty.​






    Questions? Feel free to ask here, PM, email [email protected]

    *PM us for the free-shipping code* (U.S. forum members only)

    Thank you!
    Nick C.
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  2. Do you make instrument cluster kits?
  3. We don't have instrument cluster specific kits listed on our website, but we carry a majority of the bulbs needed to change out your factory ones for LEDs. The most common replaceable bulb size used in Mustang gauges is the 194-size, seen here: http://www.diodedynamics.com/store/led-bulbs/listed-by-size/194

    Let me know if you need more help with your gauges

    Nick C.
  4. Low-res pic, but here are my Diode Dynamics LEDs-

  5. Looking good Sharad!!

    Nick C.
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  6. I'm sold on this. I have yet to find a better price for this much light and I really think my car deserves white light rather than that dinky dingy grandma's oil-lamp glow.

    Do you recommend matching the LED color to the lens color, such as green turn signal indicators and red idiot lights?

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  7. You'll definitely want to match the lens with the color of the LEDs you install. Otherwise it's going to wash out the color

    Nick C.
  8. FORD_Cobra_2003_DOME_39mm4.jpg

    39mm SMF4 installed on a 2003 Cobra

    Nick C.
  9. One of my vanity bulbs is flickering on and off. what should I do?
  10. PM responses sent!

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  11. PM responses sent!

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