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  1. that just sucks, as little traffic as this site gets, and it gets moved that fast. Better luck elsewhere, btw, give shoot me a pm if you get a chance on how to remove the deep swirl marks on my black z06.

  2. Yeah Winters, Even the people like you & Me who have been here FOREVER know that this site get little traffic so it was wack that my ad got moved.

    Hopefully this sells before it goes to Ebay next week.
  3. It was moved because you posted it in the wrong section. Someone who's "been here forever" should have known better than to pull a newb move like that. ;)
  4. Man, you don't even know how bad I wish I had the money for this...I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I did. I see em every so often for the PI heads. This is the first one I've seen made for the NPI heads, though. Dang...
  5. ^ Make an offer.... seriously, these are uber rare!!!
  6. How many miles are on the blower? What exactly is included in the kit? Pictures? Actually, more specifically, what extra parts will I need?

    Also, just how big of a deal is it to install? Is it a mostly OEM-like install, or is there a lot of custom/fab-type work to be done?

    I'm seriously considering this, but I don't want to get a good deal on this kit, and then have to spend an extra grand or more to get all the extra parts and get it installed.

  7. ^PM Sent!!!
  8. going on Ebay soon....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.