Fuel Fuel Pump

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  1. Has anybody ever seen a fuel pump look like this???? I know I haven't I pulled this out of my car not that long ago

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  2. At one time, there must have been a lot of water in the fuel tank. Either that, or rats have taken residence in the tank and pooped on the fuel pump...

    I hate to think about what the reset of the fuel system looks like inside. Look inside the tank and see if you find any dead rats or more evidence of water damage. Plan on changing the fuel filter while you are at it.
  3. I did clean the fuel tank out after that. Haven't replaced the lines yet but did replace the injectors along wit a new pump. Wasn't any rats thank god. It was sitting for a long time tho that's prob what caused it. I been thinkin bout replacing the lines wit braided lines
  4. Yeah, I've seen tank parts like that. You've had a fire in your fuel tank. I know it sounds unlikely, but it happens every once in awhile. There's a spark or something on one of the wires and there is a very quick combustion in the tank. It makes a little pop sound. There isn't much oxygen in a fuel tank so it goes out quickly. It generates just enough heat to deteriorate the corrosion protective coatings on the metal. Then everything starts rusting like crazy. If you take a mirror and a light and look in the tank, you will see that everything above where the fuel level was when the fire happened will be corroded, and everything below it will look fine.

  5. U talking bout the wires on the pump its self in the tank? That's the first I have ever heard of that. I though it might of been from the condinsation building in the tank from it sitting for so long