FYI Found the Airbag code clearing plug

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  1. For those of you who have been searching for the airbag code clearing plug.
    Here it is, the Mustang Service Manual makes it look as if it's in the glove box, which we all know that it's not. Look directly under the glove box and you will see a large wiring harness that goes to the computer. The plug - gray with one black wire and a brown/blue wire was taped to that harness (at least in my case). If it were a snake it would have bit me. You can only clear the codes after the problem is fixed (i.e. 52,53, 64 etc.). Cycle the key to on engine off and airbag light to flash the code at least one time but before the light stays on. Once it flashes the code once, connect a jumber wire to the two prongs. After about 5 seconds the diagnostic module will beat 5 times. Remove the jumber cables and wait to see if there are other codes. If so just repeat the steps. That's it. Easy as pie. I cleared mine. Peace
  2. you suppose this will work in my 92 also???? :shrug:
  3. Good info. :_
    Chris posted pics of it - and it is where you describe. A search of Chris's posts will reveal a pic of the connector itself. :nice:
  4. I don't know but there are threads here that will link you to a web site that talks about airbags for, I think, all year Mustangs. Do a search for "Airbags" and you will get quite abit of info. on it. That's what I did. Peace

  5. Thanks :nice: I'll give your writeup a try first, then I'll start searching if needed.
  6. wow man great! my airbag light is on now!
  7. i need help badly

    so i dont know if tis is the right place but im a 16 yearold who got a 97 mustang convertible i loved it but then i wrecked it and my airbags deployed can i or my step dad install new ones??? or do i need to take it to ford i just want to buy them and put them in but i hae no clue of how i need help please!!!:(
  8. Hey, whats up dude.

    Welcome to the forums!

    I can't at all answer your question because I have never done it, but a simple search here, or even google will give you an appropriate answer.

    Good luck!
  9. you can do it, but i'd price out the airbags before you start. they are expensive
  10. I just picked up a used set with module and crash sensors off ebay for $150.
    I tried to buy new ones but they are no londer available for my 1995 GT. Besides, new ones would not match my 14 year old car anyway.
    Hope that helps.
  11. HI,
    What does a 32 code mean? I have a 1995 GT.. It doesn't come on all the time.??? Thanx, Tom
  12. I just take the light bulb out of the instrument panel.

  13. how do you find out what your code is? Just a cheapo obd1 code scanner?
  14. Yeah
  15. You just count the number of airbag flases on the dash.
  16. There's no code reader I know of to read the airbag codes, but as Itkix said the airbag light flashes the code each time. Count the flashes; there's a noticeable pause between digits and a longer pause between codes. The link Itkix gave in 2009 is still good, and will tell you the meaning of the codes and advice on how to fix them.
  17. Match the number of flashes to the code list in a repair manual such as Haynes.
  18. Yeah, I've got a "12" error code, so I'm assuming it's a fuse that I might have changed out years ago and never realized that it was actually for the airbags, lol. I'll have to clear out the code and see if it stays gone after double checking everything
  19. It's been awhile since I've messed with the air bag but is Code 12 something to do with no power (don't have manual with me)?