Gambler 514 on ebay

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  1. i know i saw that car last night... i love that car so orginal i wouldnt sell i go to as many shows as i could and win some cash if i need money lol
  2. all that and an automatic ...pffft
  3. $75,000 reserve for a car that overheats in ten minutes. :rlaugh:
  4. yeah, that's funny. they say it is just a timing issue. i remember when the owner was posting in stangnet he said that overhaulin' kept the car for a couple of months so they could sort it out at las vegas raceway, sounds like they weren't that thorough.
  5. If the owner does post up I would like to know if how the subs sound in that position.

    I am guessing they dynamat'ed the trunk, or it would have alot of rattles.
  6. Well, since the gambler has been sitting in my showroom since it was delivered I'll respond. Brent(the son) doesn't work here any longer.

    The guys at the Shelby plant didn't do much at all. I helped Brent with many different problems it had only to find more.

    Brent and his father Barry truly cannot afford the up-keep and repairs on the car. They prefer Mustangs they can drive. They don't even have the financial ability to take the car around to shows etc.

    I still think it's a very rare opportunity to own a car designed by ole Chip.

    I do think it's a discredit to the car to sell (or try) it on ebay. I think they should fix the problems and could do much better at the Barret Jackson auction if they can stomach the no reserve. It has the star power to pull big numbers at that auction.

    I for one don't have any stake in the car so my feelings are somewhat detached. I wouldn't pay anywhere near what they are asking, since I could build one far cheaper.

    It's still here at the showroom for now, so if any of you want to see it, stop on by. It's only 115 degrees here today so we could have lunch on the padio :fuss:

  7. now i'm curious. what kind of problems, other than the overheating, was the car delivered with?
    i know that they rebuild an entire car in 7 days but with the level of talent involved you'd think the producers would see that the cars were sorted out after the reveal. not just, here's the keys, good luck.
  8. BTW The sound system does sound pretty good in the way they installed it. I wouldn't imagine a 1000 watt amp would have anything to do with it :)

    "Most" of the problems are relatively minor.

    All the cars they build are sent out for safety inspections prior to releasing them to the owner. This doesn't mean they continue to run the car to see if it's road worthy as a driver (ie without overheating, etc). However Shelby's guys had the car for two months. Most of that time was waiting on a rim to get machined and replaced, I suppose.

    They also changed out the cam on the show to try and get the car smoother and more streetable. But they bottle necked it so now they can't seem to get a good tune on it. I told Brent and Barry to just put back in the cam that goes with the motor, but they can't afford it.

    Oh, for the record, we had a shoot out stroked BB against a boosted SB. The Sinister stomped it on the dyno :flag:
  9. Jay, maybe you can answer a question about shows like Overhaulin. It's my understanding that even though the parts and labor are free, you still have to pay taxes on the value of the parts, is this correct? So even though the Gambler was created by Foose, Barry likely had to come up with some high 4 figure number to cover the taxes, correct?
  10. yes,you do have to pay a gift tax,go the site for overhaulin and read the "fine print".just like that house show where they build some poor family a house.Well they lost the house when taxes came being it was now valued at over a million and they were the same poor family.

    I still finde it "rude" to make a big sob story on TV and go through all the trouble only to sell the car and make it a profit because they couldnt afford to keep it. :notnice:
  11. Isk is correct on the taxes. They received the car in Feb. so it lands on this year for the taxes. Taxes are due :)
  12. I guess the house show tried to get around it by taking temporary ownership when the rebuild the houses, and then resell tham back to the owner at the original mortgage value. I also heard they were just paying the owner for the taxes. An IRS agent said the fiirst scenario probably wouldn't pass the sniff test in an audit.

    Even so, if you have a million dollar house and managed to avoid the gift taxes, you will still have property taxes every year.
  13. Nice car, BUT, not a fan of slush boxes in performance cars and those rubber band tires have to go.
  14. It needs a T56... :D
  15. Downsize the rims by 3 and swap a 6 speed and then drop the price by 30 Grand and it would be a good deal.

    Foose has made some amazing rides, that is NOT one.
  16. Yeah, but a lot of the time, they pay off the original mortgage, so you could probably get a loan for the gift taxes (I assume another mortgage), but if you could get around the gift taxes, the property tax on the new value would have to be cheaper than a years payment AND property taxes on the old value. I still think the people on the house show have one of the greatest jobs there is, doing something cool and giving it to people that deserve it.