Garage Paint Ideas

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  1. I want to paint the inside of my garage (Walls and floor). Would like to do something that would really look cool. Do any of you have ideas or pictures?
  2. It depends on how cluttered your garage is. I have absolutely no empty wall space, so white is it for me on the walls. I've got a few banners, I'll likely be putting them on the ceiling. I'm hoping to get a shop built one of these days for a lot of that type stuff. :(
  3. I've painted two garages so far and both have had white walls with a large GT stripe around the top of the walls about 8 inches down from the ceiling. I scaled it off from my car and multiplied the dimensions by 8. It's turned out great and I plan to do it to my new garage in the next year or so.

    Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of the garage at work!

  4. I'm in the middle of an "Extreme Garage Makeover" right now, but I'm likely a couple weeks away from being finished. Mainly I'm building a new bench up in my 8'x10' cubby at the front of the garage and reorganizing all my stuff to make it easier to work on stuff this winter.
  5. You have time to paint your garage? I wont be ready to paint mine for about 23 years at present rate.:D
  6. Paint? Wow that's fancy. I insulated and sheetrocked a 40 year old garage this summer. That took so long I don't think I'm even gonna bother taping it... Maybe next summer.

    Although those GT stripes do look nice....
  7. A bought a new housea couple of years ago. It has a 2 car garage and a single car garage. Of course the wife gets the 2 car garage because it has a door that leads into the house so it makes it easier to carry in the groceries ect. But my single garage doesn't have a door to the house so when my car is tore down and parts are everywhere I close the door and it stays that way. But if grease gets tracked into the house I am the only one that gets in trouble. I have done 2 total restorations now and it is time to get rid of the white walls. I did paint the floor with epoxy paint so that saved the concrete. I do like the idea of the GT stripe. I was considering painting a checkered flag border near the top of the walls or putting tile on the floor in a checkered pattern. Might look good in my head but not sure what it would really look like after it was actually finished. Since it is a single garage I have to keep everything pretty much neat.
  8. I am not a fan of sheetrock in a garage. It's too fragile and looks like crap if you ding it. I am also not a fan of bright colors since they show everyting. Mine has lightly stained plywood, and I love it. You can pound a nail anywhere, and bonk it with a jack handle without making a big ol gack mark.

    Since the walls are a little darker than white, you need a little extra lighting, of course.