gas guage problems

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  1. Ok when we bought my 88 stang, the gas read like a quarter past full, like as high as the guage would go. We thought it was shot and we would plan to get a new float.

    Then we were working on the hatch rattle. We were shaking the car doing stuff. And then afterwards the guage read accuratly. So we assumed the float was stuck somewhere and fell down.

    Then we put like a gallon of gas since we couldnt drive it ( no tags)
    it went as high as it could go.

    Then magically it read accuratly. Then i got my tags yesterday and started driving it yesterday. I put 10$ of gas in and it reads as high as it will go, i tried to shake to car to move it free if its stuck but to no avail. So i think i have about half a tank of gas. But the guage always reads really really full.

    Any suggestions?
  2. sounds to me as your the chip that is behind your gas gauge (cant remember the real name of it) is going out. My car does the same thing and so did my sisters which were both 88s and so did my 87 vert. from what ive herd and resurched is that you cant get the chip anymore ford don't even make it and from what ive herd is that to replace it you will have to find anouther gauge cluster and take the chip out of it and put it in yours also not to sure if it is true or not but it has to be out of the same year car to. me it does not bother me i just look at my trip as the gas gauge the most i will go is 275 miles i will still have about 3 galions or so left. i have driven my car for 5 years like that and ive never ran out of gas.
  3. Mine is somewhat similar, when it reads at 1/8th of a tank the most I can put in the tank is around 10 gallons. I just learned to deal with it.
  4. Heck mind is so messed up on my SVO. It reads empty all the time unless I pretend a parking lot is a suto cross :D Once I do this the gauge will read like a 1/4 - 1/2 tank for less than a day ( this is on a full tank of fuel). Then it goes back down to the empty mark. My friend told me the sending unit and float needs to be cleaned up and this should clear up.

    ** Just a FYI **

    If you do happen to find out you need to drop the tank...BE VERY CAREFUL!!!. Use a stick and a hammer to knock the ring loose to get the unit out. This way the wood want cause a spark like using a metal screw driver would.
  5. I might have said to use a brass drift pin, but any day you can use a stick to fix your car is a good day in my book. :D

    I have had quite a few of those "good days" :rolleyes: