Getting A Pair Of F3ze-aa Heads Have A Question


New Member
Oct 19, 2012
I have a stock 88 GT and I need to change the heads. Im buying a pair of F3ZE-AA heads will these bolt up to the stock exhaust and can I use the stock valve covers/gaskets or is there a specific valve cover/gasket for these heads???
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Oct 19, 2012
Yes I think these are the ones that came out in 93 for the Cobras before the GT40p heads came out.


5 Year Member
Dec 30, 2011
The only 302/351 head I've ever heard of that required a different valve cover and gaskets are the John Kaase SBF heads. You'll be okay running stock style one lol. And yes your exhaust will bolt up fine. The GT40P head has the revised spark plug angle and that's the one that requires either P specific headers. Or, a blow torch and large channel locks. That last method works excellent ;)
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