Getting into a bar with an expired ID?

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  1. If you have other forms of ID to go with it is it possible? The DMV still hasnt sent me my new ID and i turned 21 march 7th.....any ideas if its possible?
  2. Government ID, Passport... Might get away with a CCW depending on the state and bar your in. :shrug:
  3. Depends on if the bouncer can do any basic math at all, or if he was hired strictly for his size/muscle. If your birthdate on the expired license states that you were born on or before April 20th of 1986, you can start hitting the bars tonight. The fact that it's expired shouldn't matter, unless the person carding you is just being a buttwipe - you can't legally drive on an expired license, but your birthdate obviously isn't ever going to change. :D
  4. yeah so the bouncer didnt care because it expired only 1 month ago, but on the way home I got pulled over by the same undercover cop from a week ago that said he would tow my car next time he saw me b/c of no cats. Well now he remembers me and said next time he sees me hes towing it if its not inspected and with cats, which is ****ing gay. Now I have a cop who has it out for me. Luckily the DD is coming soon, I can get the thing inspected without it passing, but Im not sure what to do about the cats. I thought about just welding the heat sheilds on or something, really sucks, Ive never had a cop really have it out for me until now. Usually they are into cars so they just check out my car and then let me slide.
  5. Forgot to ask you in your other thread.... Do you have emission exempt up there in NY? I bought my car in NY and it had no cats.... jw. I know down here if I drive less than 5k emissions do not matter.
  6. nah but I know a shop that will just do it without my car going on the dyno