GMP diecast no longer, new name.

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  1. I was wondering why they hadn't produced a new Mustang in a while.

    I still have my 11...
  2. I clicked on the 1:18 Mustangs tab and got a blank page. Doesn't THAT just suck.

    Like you, I'm glad I got mine back in The Day.
  3. The 1:18 Mustang page has hardly worked in the past couple years anyway, I always had trouble navigating the site.

    I sold a couple of mine recently (92 GT gray and 87 notch) but got $150 for each so I can't complain. The GT was broken, to boot. I did however just receive my Michigan SSP today, hadn't even been taken out of the box. I figure I have to have that one since I moved here ;)
  4. It's hard to find the GMPs for cheap now. I picked up a lot of mine for $50. Nice to know I could sell them for $100+ if I need cash.

    That's $1100+ in toy cars I have sitting in boxes in my closet :)
  5. I got lucky waiting for the right buyers, I've seen the same models sold before & after mine went (on ebay) going for under $100. I think I saw the gray GMP go for under $80 and it wasn't broken :rlaugh:

    If any of you have the Team Caliber 2005 Roush, that's worth a bunch too. I sold mine for $140 because I'd gotten a 2011 427R signed and didn't need to clutter up the case. Plus, hey, easy money.
  6. I just checked eBay and not much under $100....some preproduction samples are listed for $200+

    Another desirable model is the AutoArt azure blue 03 Mach 1. I guess it's in demand and hard to find. I have one! :)
  7. Same here, I never heard about it until I tried to find another for a friend. Seems everyone wants it, no one has it. I'm considering listing mine for an insane price and seeing who bites :lol: I would be just as happy with a competition orange Mach 1.

    Not to hijack or anything but it's been a while since we had a nice diecast thread... Another rarity I've got is an Ertl SA20. As good of quality as many AutoArts, and comes w/removable speedster cover as well as a cloth-covered top. Very slick model. I still kick myself for skipping one I saw at a car show for $20 many years ago. I think I "luckily" found this one for $60 a few years ago. I found through Google that one had sold for $170+ somewhat recently, and that's the only one I can find having been sold. I won't give that one up though, not unless I decide to stop collecting all together. Same goes for my GMP teal Cobra since my girlfriend bought it for me.
  8. I got the '93R( not the steeda got that from ozz) for a great deal awhile back it's hard to get and goes for over $200 now. The yellow feature and dark horse I got for good prices also. I'm glad I picked up both of the twisters, the red one is the hardest color to find and probally will cost alot now. of all the 93 cobras the teal will start a bidding war, I'll gladly hold onto mine. seems people are scrambling for them now, shouldn't have waited :nono:
  9. You know what's funny, is I saw the Steeda and Cobra R selling high in the past half year, then saw others go for under $100. Some people are getting lucky selling them, or some are getting hosed :lol:

    I got my yellow one for "free" when joining the Tom's Garage club, I think it cost $35 when all said and done. Far worth it either way, of course.

    Exactly, I'd be glad to sell mine at a premium and replace it with an orange one. The colors don't matter much to me especially if I can make a bunch on what I've got. I'll just use it to buy some different models :)

    I just spent $315 getting two of my Shelby models signed by Carroll Shelby. I have Saleen & Roush-signed models and knew I wouldn't meet Shelby anytime, so for a $150 donation to his charity he'll sign what you send him. So I sent my 67 GT500KR and an 07 Shelby GT. Might sounds crazy, sure, but I figure I paid for it w/the profit on other cars that I've sold. My collection is much more interesting now, IMO, and I had to complete the Mustang tuner signature set ;)
  10. Didn't I get my Yellow convertible from you a few years back? :scratch:
  11. Signed by Carroll @ Tasca a few years back, the pic my wife took is in one of my photo albums. I'm surprised he lasted, it was hot has hell that day. mised out on John force though.

  12. Actually Dave...I got my silver '84 SVO from you.....I think thats a 1 out of 1000 car too
  13. I think so. Now that I think of it I bought that when it first came out, then got one when I joined the fan club.

    Man, I wheel and deal a lot :lol: When I sold that one I had minimal room, so I moved it to make room for something else. Now I've got one of those Welly SVOs.

    Picture time!



    Since this is a GMP thread after all...

    And I totally forgot that I picked this up recently w/the profit from the Team Caliber Roush:
  14. wow I love that cobra jet. It's GMP?
  15. It's by AutoArt.
  16. AutoART makes some good stuff too. Their cars are very detailed and accurate....just no Foxes. :(

    But they make some good Saleens.... I have this one in my office at work


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  17. I found a local hobby store that has a stash of GMP. I have bought there last 85 red twister, also bought the burgendy drag car, and red 93 cobra for a wedding gift for friend. They are all around $80-90.

  18. 5L5, does your AutoArt Saleen door have trouble staying shut? I have had 3 of them (yellow convertible, white coupe, red convertible which I sold) and all of them had loose doors on one side :shrug:

    Where's that? I knew of Motor City Collectibles in Dearborn but they appear to have moved/shut down in the past year sometime. Haven't found out any new info and the phone number is inactive. I know there's one up in Novi, which I've been meaning to check out...