Going to purchase a Moates Quarterhorse, some questions...

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  1. Ok so I am going to purchase a Moates Quarterhorse. I currently have a diablosport chip with just an off the shelf tune. It works okay for cruising. Tends to run very rich at WOT but that doesnt bother me too much. My biggest issue is at idle. The car runs so rich at idle it causes it to surge like hell. There is nothing wrong with any sensor or anything mechanical on my car. I have 38k on the clock. I hardly drive it at all. The issue is the tune and I know it because if I reset the computer (resetting the long term adaptives) the idle is fine and car drive great and will hot restart fine untill the long term adaptives relearn.
    Now after my long rant, lol. My question is will I be able to correct this issue with the quarterhorse? I am familiar with tuning programs. My daily driver is an 07 Si and I use Hondata Flashpro to tune that iand I have no complaints, works great and car runs better than stock ecu calibration. That one is a little easier mostly because that car has a factory wideband so I overlap my datalogs with the a/f and can correct specific problem areas. (I know, nobody cares, lol).
    Second question, I obviously plan on getting a wideband for the Mustang, will I be able to run the ECU off the wideband or will it only serve as a tuning tool? I would really like to get the most out of my current setup before I finish my 347 build.
    In case anyone is wondering my current setup is edelbrock h/c/i, long tubes, 24lb injectors, 70mm t/b, 73mm Vortech MAF w/sample tube and pretty much every bolt on you could think of, lol.
    If this has been covered before I apologize as I never have any luck with the search feature.