Got fuel pump installed...Just found out I'm a moron, too :)

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by atlblue2000, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Well, I figured I'd go ahead and get a head start on the blower install this weekend by installing the 300 lph pump now. Glad I did, too. I raised the back end, disconnected the tank lines and such and lowered the tank enough to get access to the top of the fuel pump bucket. Well, I finally get the top off that holds the pump bucket in the tank and I look inside and see the bucket way down inside the tank. Well, I figure its been done before so no reason why I cant get it out, too. Yeah, this is where Murphy's Law jumped straight out of the tank and bit me square in the @$$. Instead of trying to pull the entire bucket out, I figured I can just take out the tiny little screws holding the pump in the bucket. Well, I tried putting a socket down on the bolt to see if I had the right size and damned if I didn't drop the socket in the tank. So then I got pissed, buttoned it back up and took it to a buddy's shop and had him put it on the lift. He had the tank down, pumps swapped and tank back up in less than 45 minutes. I got my socket back, too. :) Basically, if I had had more room to work with I could have taken care of this myself, but @ this point I knew we could finish this much quicker by getting the car in the air and getting some more working room. It really is not a difficult swap at all with some decent working room.

    I just thought this was somewhat comical. Probably one of those "ya had to be there" kinda deals, though.

    Now, my only other real concerns are tapping the oil pan for the drain line and trying to bend the a/c lines without discharging them first. We'll see how all goes by the end of the weekend...
  2. :eek:

    Good Luck, try not to hurt yourself!J/k!
  3. Thx...the way the last couple of weeks have gone, I wouldn't be surprised if I put the tap right through my friggin hand or something. :D
  4. I'm beginning to think that Murphy is an @$$-man. I believe he really likes mine more than others because he comes around every Saturday when I have to work and bites mine long and hard, keeping me working late instead of letting me get home by 5:30pm. I've been :owned: by Murphy more times than I care to admit.
  5. wish i had a friend with a lift
  6. Yeah, Murphy is definitely the scum of the Earth. :)

    Only problem with the lift access is that its 35 minutes away. Ah well...guess its better than nothing though.
  7. I have no Sympathy..(laughing at you) :lol:

    Murphy kicking my ass trying to put a blower on, I only wish I was having trouble putting a blower on. :mad:
  8. Murphy LIVES in my engine bay. He has the ability to cause my fingers to go numb, and I drop screws, brackets, bolts, etc. all the time. They always end up landing on some sort of ledge or brace that I never knew about until after a ten minute search with a flashlight.

    When I tried to put on my lowering kit, I couldn't even get past removing the springs. No matter how low I dropped the lower control arm, the stock springs would not even budge. I had it so low, I was expecting the spring to shoot out and blow a hole in my chest. It was at that point, I decided to just take it somewhere.

    When I did the hood pins, the bolts kept dropping in under the headlights, which I couldn't get to come out either, and I had to fish the bolts out 467 times.

    Broke an exhaust bolt while replacing my exhaust tips. Broke a cresent wrench trying to loosen my brake calipers. Had to cut two holes in my hood to allow for the front strut c/c plates. Hood latch became loose and I had to drill out and install screws and lockwashers. Massacred one of my backer plates during foglight install, and went to a junkyard for a replacement. Installed Mac white-faced guages that ended up looking like crap at nigh - installed Indiglos which didn't match stock idiot lights and had to modify the stock faces underneath. Dinged my car while taking off a tire.

    Come to think of it, I've an entire garage full of tools I'd like to sell now! :nonono:
  9. When I was installing my hood scoop and had the hood liner off, I dropped one of those round black fasteners that holds the liner in place down between the runners on my upper intake. Found the friggin thing a few weks later when I went to clean up the engine bay a little. Stupid thing was laying between a couple of runners out of fingers reach. Had to get a long pair of needle nose to fish it out. Ah well...guess its all part of the fun. :)
  10. What tools do you have for sale? I would like a complete set if possible of tools so I can take apart my engine :)