Grabber orange pics?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by ricky50, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. I am looking for the grabber orange looking Shelby, anyone have pics?
  2. Google...


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  3. I'm starting to go off that orange already. That just doesn't suit a convertible.
  4. You're right, much better on a fastback. The black top causes it to be less Parnelli Jones, more Great Pumpkin. I love the color, but it's not good with the ragtop.
  5. I have to agree, sweet color for October.
  6. Well, i did the Super Ford weekend thing and saw a Shelby withe white stripes and the orange.

    Yuck!, perhaps with the grey stripe it would look better?

    The owner was getting some new mufflers at Steeda cause it is too tame for him.

    I talked to a Ford rep that works with Steeda and i told him what dealers have been doing, He said they would building them till 2010 and that not to expect any changes to the vehicle.

    I guess i will wait till prices start getting more rational if you can call it that?

    I like the red with the grey striped one better so that may be the one for me!!
  7. Silver stripes always remind me of poorly-done resto-mod Shelby clones and dealer-add-on stripes on 6-bangers. I know, it's just me. But if the white stripes "don't work", then no stripe at all is by far the better alternative IMHO...
  8. :shrug:

    I like the attention-getting color, but its like most other cars with bright colors, it only works if you have the goods to back it up. My point: On a stock 6 banger or GT, not so much. Now put the same setup with some Flat black accents and Boss stripes on a PJ Saleen, it works!

    I also agree on the point that it doesn't look good on convo's

  9. Well i finally saw the Shelby in person in the orange and i can tell you that Ford [email protected]#$% up with that shade of orange.

    It should have been made darker, what a damn shame it looks gay as hell.

    It is going to have to be blue or red eith maybe silver stripes.
  10. That is your opinion. I happen to like the color. Almost identical to the grabber color of years past.

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  11. Ironic that he tosses the g-word out there, and then proceeds to suggest blue or red with silver stripes, which would probably be the 1st and 2nd color combo choices that my 15 year old stepdaughter would go for.....

    Bottom line, I think it's a generational gap. When I see Grabber Orange, I think of Trans Am racing with Boss 302's, I think of Parnelli Jones.

    When I think of red or blue with silver graphics, I think of a different type of Trans Am..... A 1979 with a silver screaming chicken on the hood, and a guy in disco garb wearing Carrera sunglasses smiling up through the t-tops... ;)

  12. Dude, my opinion was out before you showed up at my thread.

    Have you seen the GT 500 in person in that color?

    It just does not look right, why do you have to throw in the color your stepdaughter likes and how does she play in to the g word and other colors?

    If you love the color start your own thread on how much you love it and your stepdaughter and all that, i did not attack anyone's personal car here. :Zip2:

  13. Now that's funny, RICKS....

  14. I was just giving you a hard time, that's all. All in good fun. You don't have to blow a gasket. It's only Monday, and you're already flirting with an aneurysm....

    Sorry for bashing your silver stripes, truce....
  15. Alright brother, look to be honest with you it is just the shade of that orange just really looks bad in person.

    I am sure if they painted it a darker shade of orange, it would look badto the bone.

    But anyway truce is good for me man, have a great day!! :flag:
  16. Grabber Orange looks awesome, I saw one at a dealership over here in Oregon. Looks a lot better in person.
  17. I agree. I liked them back in 70, and like them today.
  18. I am a big fan of grabber orange, the problem is ford does not have black strips for the shelby only white and sliver. grabber orange looks the best with black

  19. Yup!! -chuck


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  20. Order one w/stripe Delete and then get the graphics that YOU want.