Great Deal On Chrome Bullitt Wheels!

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  1. Make your Mustang wheels gleam in the sun. We got Mustang ’05-’08 Chrome Bullitt Wheels, 17”x8”. These wheels did not just get tripled plated. They went through the 7 layer OEM process. This means that it is not just the face of the wheel that got chromed. They had four different layers of nickel that were proprietary rear auxiliary flowed lived, also with the finest Zincate, cold hexavalent chrome, and were copper plated for 2 hours . These were made to drive with. To order go to or call 888.240.0025.

    View attachment 373720 Single Wheel $222.22 View attachment 373722 Set of 4$777.77

    View attachment 373724 Set of 4 w/ Pirelli Pzero Nero$1,111.11;Category=150
  2. Get your set while supplies last!!
  3. I put these on my GT a few weeks ago, they look great.
    Several Mustang owners have asked about them and I send them your way!
  4. Glad to hear, Enjoy them!
  5. We got more chrome bullitt wheels in. HURRY BEFORE WE RUN OUT AGAIN!