GT take off exhaust on the V6...

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  1. Are there any sound clips of the GT take off exhaust on the V6? What does it sound like?
  2. That's the set-up I have right now and thats the sound >>>> right down to that little aggravating 'pop' ,,,,,,, :uzi: :eek:

    I'll be adding the second tail pipe and muffler soon I hope ~
  3. somebody described the sound of the GT takeoffs as 'ricer on steroids' and, really, it's not far off. ive got a true dual gt setup on mine with a simple h-pipe and it sounds about like shooterm1's sound clip, only a little louder... only the sound that they make when you sit in your driveway and vroom vroom is one thing, but when you get it out on the road doing about 2 grand, the sound is something else - a little deeper and more defined. i may go back in and have the h-pipe replaced with an X pipe to see if that might help the sound quality any, but more than likely it's the sole result of the mufflers, as i've heard flowmasters setup with just the H and they sound a lot different. their tone is better, but for me, they're just too damned loud.
  4. i got the gt takeoffs on my car. both side and i don't like the sound. it sounds like an old 3.1 cavy with an exhaust (aftermarket) :damnit:

    i really don't like it. i will put flowmasters on it very soon

    btw, i don't have any x or h pipe on it, only the exhaust line
  5. You need a crossover of some sort. No wonder you don't like the sound.
  6. blkstang05 you running true duals? ya you definately need to throw in an x pipe or something, or else you will sound like a (i was thinkin grand am gt with exhaust lol) cavy with exhaust.
  7. I have the reverse Y on mine with duals, and I don't think that it sounds too bad at all.
  8. a x pipe will really change the sound?? or should i get a h pipe? what is better?

    i don't know much about this.

    i just want to have a nice deep sound on my car
  9. x or h, they will both change the sound. I prefer an x pipe, its all up to you.
  10. what's the difference between both?
  11. Going to have to wait for jenn to answer that one lol, or someone that knows more than i do bout them.
  12. An X pipe is shaped like and X and each bank of cylinders' exhaust pulses converge on a central location helping to scavenge and draw the exhaust out of the other bank of cyclinders (left pulls from right, right pulls from left - overly simplified but that's the basic idea). In doing this is also evens out the sonic waves that come from the combustion process when they converge in the X section, which in turn makes the sound different.

    The H pipe looks just like and H and the cross bar that runs perpendicular to the left and right pipes balences the pressure between the two sides. This is an old design that is not as effective or efficent as the X design. It, in turn, sounds more raspy and is more likely to pop and snap.
  13. thanks for the aswer! i think i will order right now my x pipe then! :D

    does a custom made (made by a shop) could do the same job as a basani or magnaflow one?
  14. I'm happy with my GT take off mufflers. I had the Magnaflow dual kit with the wide open mufflers (tube mufflers straight through with reverse Y) and didnt really like them. So we had just finished putting the GT bumpers on my car and I still had the 2 mufflers from casco that came with my parts and we decided to put them in to see if that was better... It was :nice:

    I get compliments for my exhaust all the time. When I finished with the Magnaflow kit and went to work that day people didnt seem to like it, they said it sounded ok but not like a Mustang. About a week later I pulled up with my Gt take offs on and the first thing one of my friends said is now that sounds like a Mustang. Its not overly loud when your cruising (has a nice growl through town and quiet when off the throttle) but when your on it the sound is great with no poping wether sitting still or moving and it defintly doesnt sound ricy. :cheers:
  15. Let me get this straight, you have the Magnaflow dual system with GT mufflers, right?
  16. just cut the rear install tomarrow

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  17. very clean and accurate looking cut afixer.
  18. Looks nice!
  19. thanks ! (scary as heck) but i took my time. tomarrow at 8 install yee ha