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  1. Alright looking to upgrade from my boat anchor E5 heads, was wanting to buy some gt40p's and was wondering what I could have a machine shop do to them to improve flow even more. Is there a safe amount I can have milled off without checking valve clearance ? Take it easy on me I lost my sight 5 years ago, I know this info is out there but I get on the net using my iPhone which has software that reads my screen to me but surfing the net is still real hard. If you don't wanna help and just tell me to google it, I'd ask you just move along without even posting. If you don't believe I'm blind check me out on Facebook Kevin coffey Cisco, ga
  2. The info is out there, but what it comes down to is cost. By the time you buy a set of GT-40P, buy a set of aftermarket springs, and then pay to have them milled and perhaps a little port work, you have spent pretty close to what you'd pay for a good set of aftermarket heads.

    They are a great head to use as-is without any work other than springs, but when you start thinking about milling, or giving them valve jobs, you might want to consider other head options.
  3. The big question here is......if you're blind, why would you worry about upgrading your heads? How exactly do you drive a car?!? :scratch:

    That being said, I agree with Mike above. If you are realistic about their capabilities and want to get by for little money, just upgrade the valve springs and have a good 3-angle valve job done to them. They're already approx. 58cc castings, so compression will be up a fair bit over your E5's.
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  4. If you are interested in porting them yourself, I can find where extensive porting info has been posted for you on the E-7 heads and the info will transfer mostly.
    Please let me know where you plan on driving so I can stay out of you way. :) Cell phone blinded drivers are hard enough to avoid!
  5. I completely missed this part.

    Maybe he just likes working on the car and has someone drive him around in it??
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  6. I've always worked on cars it's just a passion of mine, sure getting to drive the cars is a bonus but it's a perk I've learned to live without. My gf drives me in the truck and helps me work on it and if I wanna go real fast I get my best friend to take me for a spin in it. The gf is getting braver though, she took me to 100 mph today and I even taught her how to launch it and grab 2nd gear lol she fried the tires all the way thru 2nd. I'll be honest it's a 85 302ci and t5 I pulled from a mustang and then I rebuilt it and swapped it in a 98 ranger I drove in high school. The ranger forums just aren't much help when your ranger has the heart of a mustang. If it's a problem me gettin help on my motor here on your forum just let me know. Before I lost my sight I could weld, run a mill and lathe so with my gf help I actually milled my own motor mount plates. Anyone wanna close their eyes and try that?
  7. No criticism here, I built both a Ranger 4x4 with a hopped up '85 5.0L HO in it and a Bronco II with a later model 5.0L EFI in it with my dad when I was a teenager. Both running AOD transmissions. Drove both of them well into my 20's. Tons of tire burning fun. :nice:
  8. Come on fellas you all love cars and working on them. If you lostv your sight would you just give it up? Lol people say I'm crazy for not giving it up but to heck with them. I'm also restoring a 65 mustang
  9. But here's a port job on some gt40p's I ran . I ran across The pics do me no good but still sounds like a solid write up. I think I'm just gonna do a 3 angle valve job, some better springs and some 1.6 rockers. Then find out what cfm carb to feed it all. y
  10. Any suggestions on what springs to buy ? My cam is .510 intake .520 exhaust. I've got a Wiand stealth high rise intake but unsure what carb to top it off with and what cfm
  11. How do I measure for push rods? I'm assuming mine for the E5's and Hyd flat tappet won't work. Mine are stock length. My block hasn't been decked and heads haven't been milled. If you guys would explain in simple terms or if there is a video my gf can watch haha measuring and me don't get along much anymore
  12. Any idea what length push rod I'll need ?
  13. The diyporting site is pretty picture heavy. As determined as you sound, it is too bad there is no such thing as a 3d touch screen. You could probably do it if you could feel the pictures.
  14. Yeah a lot of photos on DIY but I just decided to change out the springs on them and run them. Now I can't figure out which pushrods to use and it's holding me up. My block is stock height and the gt40p haven't been milled but I'm running a hydraulic flat tappet cam.. I know they make a tool to check but someone out there has to be running a combo like this
  15. Try the stock push rods. They may work. I still have stockers in mine for the time being, with my gt40's.

  16. Alright tore into my gt40p heads and they didn't have the umbrella valve stem seals like I'm use to. These are O ring like and have a spring around them and instead of fitting over the valve guide they press into a counter sunk area of the guide. Any tips on how to get them out???