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  1. I have an infiniti G35 I recently did an ls swap on it now I just purchased a m122 supercharger off of a 08 shelby gt500. Im going to custom fabricate the lower manifold using the edelbrock ls1 victory jr carb style manifold with injector holes and cut off the flanges and box it it with the m122 on top. Now one problem im running into is trying to find a Cable throttle body if someone can direct to where to find them i would appreciate it all the ones i have found are drive by wire and i need it mechanical

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  2. Infinity G35+LS1+M122 supercharger off of an 08 Shelby GT500=:SN:Who Knew? Anyhow, I think they are all drive by wire.
  3. Ok thank you are there any other cable TBs from other years that would mount onto the throttle body plenum?
  4. I believe the 03-04 terminator tb will fit and it is cable operated.
  5. Ford Racing Performance parts. a8aba7uj.jpg
  6. Sorry guys forgot to get back to you i completed the project in june runs like a beast. I just made an adapter plate and used an ls1 92mm tb. I'll include a link to the forum im part of so you can see some pictures http://www.chicagoz.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35814
  7. Ford racing has a few choices in mechanical throttlebodies