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  1. looking at buying an 85 gt. can't find the drivers side rear quarter panel window louver and metal front bumper. price? availability? Who has them. trying to figure out what to offer him.
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    Your post is a little vauge. You own or are buying an 85 GT? Are you looking for the metal bumper support that is located behind the bumper cover? Who is him that you are offering?
  4. I'm looking at one to buy and I'm trying to assess what needs to be done and the cost so I can come up with a reasonable offer. I can't find the vertical lovers that go behind the rear quarter panel Windows and there is a metal bumper that goes behind the front fascia. trying to locate and get a price for both
  5. search four eyed prides classifides. They only do 79-86 cars. you can likely find what you need there. I will be honest though they think all of their cars are barrett jackson collectibles and charge out the wazzoo. Best place is to keep hitting the local JYs. The one I used to frequent had a four eye in every couple of months or so.
  6. The steel bumper support is hardly needed in my opinion but I do have one sitting in my attic not being used. It's junk as far as I'm concerned but I would donate it it a good home. As far as the windows, swap meets or eBay for starters. I've paid 75 a pair in the past. They are getting harder and harder to find however
  7. try national parts depot may have them as well they are carrying alot of resto parts.
  8. I have ALL Of those parts available here at my shop in FL. Shoot me a PM if interested.
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