Harmonic Balancer

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  1. I would like to get other peoples opinions on this. I am uploading a few pics of my harmonic balancer. I am curious is this looks as if it has shifted or not. I am just judging by the rubber, which appears fine on the back side but on the front side it seems to be sticking out slightly, as you can tell by the pics. I am wondering if this is ok or can this be a sign that the balancer has spun.

    Please see attached images Harmonic1.jpg Harmonic2.jpg Harmonic3.jpg
  2. To me it seems ok, but then again I have never had balancer problems with a mustang. Maybe I have just been lucky as this has been my 5th mustang, and my 4th fox. I never gets dull buying a mustang and finding all the little odd things that have done to it or potential problems.

    All the problems that I've read about the balancers is the rubber coming out of the back, and the back on this one looks very flush with nothing out of place. The car does seem like it has a slight shake to it, more pronounced when taking off in 1st when letting out the clutch, although that could be a clutch issue itself. My next step is clean the 10 pin connectors to try to fix my very slightly surging idle and hanging high idle with occasional miss.

    But back to the topic at hand. Just by the sight of it, does everything with the balancer seem to be in line? Pics one and two show just a slight bulge in the rubber making it not completely flush but should I be worried about it or am I just paranoid?
  3. I personally believe that the balancer should fall under general maintenance. The ford racing stock replacement is $75.
    When a balancer goes on a stock engine, the engine will too go soon after. When it goes out of balance it's ridiculously violent.

    So in conclusion, while there probably isn't something wrong with your balancer, $75 is good peace of mind.
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  4. I agree that it should be regular maintenance, at some point. And mine will get replaced sometime in the future because the car does have a little over 100k miles and I would just like to have "peace of mind."
    Since the car is not my DD, I was just posting the pics and trying to get opinions to see if it's something I have to address very soon, or if it appears to be ok and could wait a few months, especially when it warms up a bit outside.

    Thanks for your view on it 2000xp8.
  5. 2000 is right, a stock replacement piece is cheap insurance although from your photos it appears fine.