Hatch Cargo Cover

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  1. Are the 87-90 Covers any different than 91-93?
    I saw one on E-bay and its listed 1987-1990.
    I ASSUMED they were all the same?
  2. Where is the link, I have never seen a cargo cover, are you talking about the roll back on the inside?
  3. I think you mean 87-89 and 90-93, in 91 they changed some interior panels to accomodate airbag wheel :puke: and rear shoulder belts. Since the rear quarter interior panels are different you need the correct cover to fit them. I heard there was a 3rd style but im not sure where that fits in
  4. i mean in 90 they did

    :uzi:me retard
  5. Yes - that roll back thing.

    Thanks Ray, almost wasted some $$$ there!