HCI No Start (Part 2)

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  1. 67 coupe is correct about the timing, but how did you time it if it doesn't run properly? :scratch: Sounds retarded to me (the timing), but could definitely be some other things mentioned as well. Redo the distributor and try more advance. What happens if you give it throttle?
  2. See the "Surging Idle Checklist for help with all your idle/stall problems. Everything you need to find and fix idle problems is in there.

    The first two posts contain all the updates to the fixes. At last count there were 24 possible causes and fixes for surging idle/stall problems. I continue to update it as more people post fixes or ask questions.

  3. Well I'm gonna start with the valve covers and the air intake that slipped off... hehehe

    Thanks doods I'll let you know :nice:
  4. So what about having breathers on the valve covers... Is that a no no too?
  5. Long term, yes, that's not a good idea. Will it cause your problems, no.

    I'm assuming fixing the intake tube btw the MAF and TB did not help???
  6. Having just breathers is fine. Better than pcv that's for sure. Having breathers AND a pcv is unmetered air. Make sure you block off the pcv if you're using breathers. There's better options than breathers but anything is better than pcv.
  7. Thanks guys... She's running! :banana:

    The rocker arms were shimmed wrong, well at least some of them. Also there were two pushrods that were too long so we traded them out for some old ones. After we redid the rockers the timing was way off (I know wierd?). So we set the timing to a diagram where the little black deal (reluctor) was just ahead of the rotor and the plug wires had to be rearranged back a post each. Evidently the #1 marking under the cap doesn't mean squat and nobody should EVER pay any attention to it. I know that now.

  8. Okay here's a rundown of all the problems I ran into...

    A) Fuel pressure loss- The BBK SSI intake was to blame. The tube inbetween the fuel rails was leaking.
    B) Vacuum Leak- We had accidentally pulled the PCV valve out.
    C) Spark plugs- The GT40X heads take 3924 (I think) Autolites.
    D) Valve train- The rockers must be shimmed exactly as shown here: http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/785764-cam-timing-question.html#post7909781
    E) Timing- The black "reluctor" has to be pointed at 12:00. The rotor should be just behind it. The number 1 plug on the cap must be over the rotor or just after. That plug actually sits just over the black magnetic pickup (reluctor I think).
    F) Fuel in the Oil- After many attempted starts the unburned fuel was just pooling inside the combustion chamber and you could tell from the plugs. Some were black and some were clean but they were all drenched. It was obviously washing out the cylinders.
  9. Glad to hear you got the car running, STRYPE!

    So what is the story on this? It was my understanding that you HAVE to have the #1 wire on the correct terminal on the distributor, or your fuel injectors will pulse at the wrong time...?
  10. Glad you got it running! :nice:

  11. :scratch:

    This requires some homework... Anybody know? My buddy has an msd cap and its not even marked.


  12. Here's what we followed and it worked like a charm:


  13. That's exactly right. It didn't occur to me that you might have an aftermarket cap (no mark). The number 1 terminal would be right over the rotor and, on the factory cap, would be labeled as such.

    Saw the vid in Talk. Sounds great!!!
  14. Thanks, my cap does have a #1 label but there's no way to make it match up :scratch: