Head Gasket Surprise, 2nd

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  1. Well, the fun began yesterday, and ended up with today me breaking a headbolt off in the block. Got the head off, and you can definitely see where the oil leak has gotten bad. Apparently the gasket has been busted for a while. I need to get and easy out tool to get the rest of the bolt out, and tomorrow I'm going back over to get all the surfaces cleaned and such. I'll be sure to have pictures of everything tomorrow, just forgot the camera today. Oh yeah, the head doesn't looked damaged but I havent gotten to look at it all the much cuz the light was fading today. Again, pics posted tomorrow.
  2. You probably don't need to use an easy out...Mine came out real easy after I broke it off in the block. Is it sticking out above the block at all?

  3. depends on the bolt. I had several that were rusted badly. They may have come out with a strong pair of vise grips... but maybe not.
    BTW, what is a good way to get a valve cover bolt that is broken off below the surface of the head.?
  4. Try to get a punch or nail on a raised broken edge and then tap it around and out.
  5. oh! I was there, and I HELPED! I swear! :D and yeah, it is sticking out of the block, possibly even a good centimeter. But I can't imagine it being a new bolt considering it broke and I'm not sure anyone has worked on it in a while... so it could be rusty.
  6. Its about an inch above the block
  7. Mine hadn't been removed in 18 years when it broke off...looked rusty as hell. It only stuck out about 1/8". Sprayed it with pb blaster over the course of the day, hit the top of it with a hammer to jar it loose, heated it red hot, let it cool and it came out...it was only finger tight.

  8. Weld a bolt to the stud sticking out and wrench it out.

    Same thing happened to me also in an old 5.0.
  9. Okay... so I was close.
  10. Was the bolt a 12 PT head or a 6 pt head ???? 12pt says it's stock 6 means somebody replaced them, and you have to replace them again before you put the head on anyways, if their 12 pt just re use them....