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  1. I'm getting Hooker LT headers and am thinking about doing the install myself. Anyone know of any website that have how-tos on the best way to do it? Any other advise would be appreciated also. Thanks
  2. Definatley get a lift. Mine were a pain in the ass with a lift, I cant imagine doing it without one, however with 2 guys you should be able to do it in less than 4 hours. Also, have a s### load of swivels and extenstions available as well as ratchiting wrenches. Protect your hands as well, mine still look like a dog attacked me from 2 weeks ago.
  3. do u have to drop the cross member ?
  4. There is one cross bar that you have to drop. It is two bolts. Not the suspension crossmember though. I think its just a minor brace or something.....You can drop the front suspension to make the header swap easier, but I dont think its would be worth the trouble of realignment etc....
  5. Dont you have to pull the engine to install LT's?
    This is kinda off topic, but does anyone know where I can get some good shot tube headers. Im looking for ones that will give me a good gain.
  6. This is the one that I know http://www.fnsweet.com/garage/lt_install/index.shtml
  7. Thanks for the info.
  8. dude save yourself some time and just pay someone to do it. It's only like $900.
  9. I may end up doing that, but I would rather put that 900 dollars towards other things, if it is possible.
  10. You can go to mustangworld.com. I believe they have notes on a header install.
  11. you did this in less than 4 hrs??????? damn.... :nice:
  12. Aibal, you didn't by any chance take pics of how you did your header install?
  13. It's not that bad, but 4 hours is amazing. Took, me and a buddy 10. But we weren't really trying to set any records either. We worked on it off and on for a day. Just pull the motor mount bolts, and jack up the side of the engine about 2 inches by the sides of the oil pan where the bolts are, on the side you are working on, and loosent the m.mounts on the opposite side. Do that for both sides. It's pretty easy, just time consuming. Dog attacked my hands too. Don't underestimate the EGR, and X-pipe install. Did mine on my back with jack strands as high up as possibe. Use new Ford gaskets, thread lock, and stock header bolts. My Jet Hots had a nasty exhaust leak in the slip fit section that is identical to Hookers. Use a lot of high temp sealant in it. Stock manifolds are a snap to pull. Be sure you can get wrenches, or what ever tool you use on the head of every header bolt before you tighten any down. Basically get all the header bolts tighten down some what before you completely tighten any others down. You'll see. The bottom front 2 header bolts on the drivers side are the worst.

    Good luck. I only pray you have an O/R X, and straight through mufflered catback to go with it ! :nice: The sound will give you an eargasm. :drool:

    BTW - look here :

  14. 68 & 00 GT, thanks for that write up and link. :banana: Did you have to remove a lot of the suspension pieces when you did your install?

    I will be using the hooker O/R X and slp catback with the headers. Hope it sounds as good as you say.
  15. No. I didn't pull any suspension. With LT's, o/r X, and the SLP may be really loud :eek:
    Is it the loudmouth ? I have a Magnaflow CB (not packs) and it sounds perfect. Loud but not headache loud for my daily driver. Well until I get on it then it screams. Packs may be too loud also. I dunno.

    You'll only have to pull the starter MAYBE. I did mine, but didn't really think I needed to afterwards, and your steering shaft which is one bolt, very easy. Just be sure to put it back on in the same location it came off. I think it can only go on one way though.

    Also use a good penetrating oil to soak all the bolts you'll be pulling at leat 30min - 1 hour before starting. It's not complicated, but does kinda suck.
  16. Yes, its the loudmouth exhaust. I think it sounds sweet how it is now, so with the headers and X, I'm hoping it sounds great. I won't mind if the car is loud. :p

    Thats good that pulling suspension pieces aren't necessary, doing that would make me kind of nervous. Thanks again.
  17. Anyone have any more tips?
  18. I just installed my BBK LT during thanks giving.. Me and my dad did did on the driveway (lots of pics in my site). Anyhow, we dropped the K-member and drop the engine down. For me it was a breeze.. but for my 50 yr old man.. well, he doesn't look so well. It took us 8 hours to put the driver side header on and then another 8 hours to put the x pipe and passenger side on. and another 8 hours to put the magnapack on and wrapped everything up. We did several runs to the store for tools also.

    After I took it for a ride.. the moment I hit the gas on 1st gear.. i hear a tick which I found out that it's a leak. So, right at this moment, I just got the driver side header out with the K-member out again. I just fiinished cleaning all of the exhaust leak from the headers and will be installing new gasket in about 10 min or so. I will post more pics on my site :nice:

    Personally, I would not spend $900 for the install. There's no way in hell. If you can rent a lift for cheap, it would be better to do it in the driveway. All and all, I learned a lot and have no problem installing new set of headers by myself :) well, maybe not for the putting spring back in part. I took a couple looks at the fnsweet.com and everything was pretty much what they did except I didn't remove the front struts. Get a couple of friends and it should be a blast.

    I guess I can give you the steps I took to install it since I stripped down the car 2 times in 2 weeks

    I put the car on ramp and jack stands
    Then remove the brace thingy
    then I remove the spring and steering column arm that connected to the rotor
    then I dropped K member after I got a jack under the engine
    I removed both engine mounts and starter
    then i remove the stock manifolds..

    That's pretty much it. Enjoy..
  19. Thanks for the write up CottonBurnerz