Header Problem

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by hssnpny, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. My header gaskets were leaking so I'm replacing them. Did the passenger side first, and found the BBK unequals short tube (#4 cyl) to not line up. No amount of wiggling, jiggling and starting the bolts in a different order made any diff. I pulled the header back off and dremeled the holes wider in that one flange. Now I'm doing the driver side and having the same issue. Same thing, short tube is off (#8 cyl). I have the inner bolt in, but it's tight, can't be turned by hand due to the side pressure of the flange against the bolt. I can't get the outer bolt to start, so I need to push the flange over somehow. Any tricks for this? I've tried pry bars and such, with no luck. Any pneumatic expander thingie that would work? I'm just trying to avoid having to pull the header off, as a couple of the bolts will be a **** to get back in, but my dremel is on stand-by!

  2. If you still have the headers out, check the face of the flange against a straight edge. It sounds like they might have warped. This isn't as likely with BBK's since they have a pretty thick flange but it's alwasy possible, especially if they were run with an exhaust leak for some time.