Heat Exchanger Location Questions

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  1. I have two small aluminum radiators, ea w/ it's own electric fan that I intend to use in a daisy chain configuration as my heat exchangers for my A2W intercooler.

    I've always kinda intended them to stand behind the back seat, over the rearend getting fresh air from holes/vents I make in the lower quarter in front of the tires, and exhausting that air through a slot I cut at the top of the rear end tunnel.

    I looked real hard at getting them in front of the radiator, but w/ the cooling fans, they end up being almost 4" thick. Besides that, there is an AC condenser I gotta accommodate, and an engine oil cooler that'll be hanging in front of the radiator already,..so I just dont have the real estate infront to use.

    The water reservoir will definitely be located in the trunk, so I gotta run two 3/4" water lines from the front, to the back anyway,...so it's not like putting them in the back is gonna cause me any extra grief.

    The only possible location in front is standing inside each front fender, right behind the low beam headlight,....but I think it'll be a hot box,..w/ no air getting to them other than what gets there off the road (unless I cut the fenders, and create an intake there.( or.........use the turn signal housing as a intake, and relocate the front t/s/running lights to the bumper.........:chin:chin:chin

    If I put those radiators in the fender they'll be turned on end ( just visualize turning your engine radiator on end) these little radiators are crossflow pieces...so my first question:

    Does it matter if I turn these radiators up on end?

    My second question is a preference question.

    If I have to put them behind the seat,......would a 5" dryer duct going to each quarter be enough to channel fresh air to an eventual enclosed box that the radiators would suck the air through from the outside?

    I was considering the design of the scoop that'll have to go into the lower quarter,...three choices:

    1. A 5" hole finished w/ a screen/grille w/ a ring bezel to trim the hole.
    2. A "NACA" duct, w/ a screen/grill at the rearmost part.
    3. A side scoop covering an airbox inlet like what you see for brake cooling that'll actually stand proud of the body,..( I'd use a 65 shelby side scoop for this).

    The two options for exhaust are:

    A.To just dump the air straight to the ground through the slot I was talking about earlier,...or:

    B. I could make heat extractor style scoops and locate them on the trunk deck that would seal to a box that the radiators were in. The heat extractors would be clones of 03/04 Cobra style so I could use the factory trim pieces to finish it.

    The problem w/ "B" is water. It'll be a b itch getting a good seal to keep water out of the trunk. But if I could get past that,..those scoops may help draw air through the radiators.......

    So all three of you that'll answer,...what do you think?:)
  2. Subaru style on flat on top of the engine. With a forward facing scoop.
  3. From a service video from flex_a_light I watched, they do not recomend any electric fan on a 4 row radiator, stating dynamic pressure is too great and to use a clutch fan. So 4 inches thick will be a problem from what they said. Interesting to see which way you go with this, ....btw heat sux.
  4. I think you are both missing the point here...
    Subies have an air 2 air Mike is talking about an air to water system and heat exchanger placement
    I doubt the exchanger is 4"'s thick. I'm imagining that is the dimension with the fan.

    I would put them in the back of the car to keep the plumbing to the tank a minimum. I like the idea of ducting air to them and exhausting through the back of the car. I'm sure you can come up with some crazy awesome way to make it all happen!
  5. This is true...
    He didn't ask for good ideas, just ideas
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  6. The only advantage to water is that you can ice bucket it. If you aren't running an ice bucket, then run an air to air front mount.

  7. The radiators aren't 4" thick,...with the cooling fan attached they're about 4" thick. The radiators themselves might be half that.
    The intercooler is plumbed. I bought an a2w ic do to size constraints. An a2a is huge, and quite frankly I just don't have the room up front for anything else.

    I committed myself to rear mounting the radiators. " Committing myself" means I cut sheet metal. I'll save the evidence of that for the build thread.
  8. Yes the Committing Cutting line, I've had mostly good times with those, ....the bad ones were 'I was just ballz deep already so I kept going':rlaugh:
  9. And that's how I ended up cutting the front of a fox off...
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