Heater/ac Plenium Repair

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  1. The stud that goes through the firewall on my plenium is broken taking a piece of the plenium with it. This part is no longer available for cars that have AC. So has anyone repaired one. I was considering a fiberglass repair.
    There is one on eBay for a hundred bucks that looks like its in fairly good condition. So that is also an option,
  2. It is a type of fiberglass so it may work .Sand the area very well before you try . I would lay glass on the inside as well if it does not interfere with any thing .I may possibly have that part if you can't fix yours ,i will look
  3. That would be great. I really only need the half with the drain and mounting fixture.
  4. Is this the piece you need?
    Picture 001.jpg Picture 002.jpg
  5. Yes that is the piece.
  6. I don't have any extras but, you can try Orlando Mustang. Give them a call. Super nice people.
  7. Did you get it fixed? If not, fiberglass work is smelly, stick and dusty. But for a repair like this it is not hard. I have a piece of the metal control lever that has stuck on with JB weld for over 20 years. Where this is not a high visibility part, it is a good place to practice your fiberglass skills.
  8. Repairing a small area like this is actually very easy. Just "V" into the edges of the hole and broken piece, insert a few small strips of fiberglass into the groove, and dab in some resin. In less than an hour, you can file or grind the surface smooth, rivet the bracket in place, and install the housing.

    And as for availability, the 71-73 AC case assembly is available, and the 69 is coming, I have seen it.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I was able to obtain a replacement part from another forum member; however I have been researching Vintage Air systems and I think I am going that route. A new compressor, and plenum and electric controls.
  10. Vintage air, 134a and you will be, set for a long time. When my 1965 system started having trouble for the first time ever, I wish I would have replaced the while thing at once! Go whole hog with lines o rings etc. It is a darn diaphram that leaked after I though it was all ready to go last time.