Heater core comparison question

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  1. thanks for the links.
  2. Are you asking about the metal tubes on the lower intake? Are they missing? As was said, the hoses have unique sizes and will only fit the correct tubes. And I got new rubber hoses from my local Ford dealer also last year, for about $25 or so.

    Here is a pic of the lower intake metal tubes from an ebay auction. The heater core hoses attach to the left side openings:

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    Auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/87-9...9QQihZ016QQcategoryZ33548QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. Thanks folks.....man I love stangnet!!!

  4. can someone please explain to me why a newly installed heater core would last ony 6 months!:eek: i just recently did mine... and i dont really wanna do it agian!

    ps i slightly, Very slightly brushed a few fins on the HVAC box while putting the heater core in ... i hope that doesnt cause iit to leak!
  5. They only last 6 months because the surfaces are not painted....the core is made of lesser materials and is under pressure.

    This is why I recommended the tranny cooler. It IS painted, made of all aluminum so it wont rust and designed for much higher pressures than a heater core.
  6. Got a link or a part number? How about the install - the tranny cooler can't be a direct bolt-in, can it? Does the thing rattle around in the heater box?
  8. Yeah what he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  9. I like it whats part number ect:flag:
  10. yeah i been thinkin of a homeade something like a tuba type core w/out the fragile fins!:nice:
  11. trans cooler eh? im gunna have to look into this..
  12. tmoss- thats because the ebay listing was back in April, think ebay only keeps the listings up 30 days after the auction has ended.
  13. Your link didn't work for me. If you guys just know the part number that will work because I found a bunch when I searched tru-cool on ebay. Also when you say we'll have to adapt the lines can you give us an idea of what you're talking about? Better yet give us a step by step with some detailed pictures so we can put this in the useful tech thread :D.
  14. he's done the install, I think it's too late for a step-by-step but the part # would be good. Did it fit into the alloted space?

  15. sorry about that, should have double checked it. i did the same as you, searched "tru cool transmission" and was trying to show everything that popped up.

    agreed with tmoss, a part # on the one used would be helpful if available.