Heating Fan Problem need advice

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  1. Hi
    Need some advice.... found the fan connector is intermittent and was causing a overheating problem.... I want to replace the fan and connector is there a particular fan people are using!!

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  2. same thing happened here... new (factory) fan and new connector
  3. I am starting to get excited about my car again....:rlaugh: Seems like things are coming together... Clutch seems to be fixed. Headlights are bright again..... If this fixes the overheating, I should be in good shape.
    Actually I know it will never end, but you can always hope.
  4. Same here.. wish i didnt try to do my windshield my self. lol
  5. Can't say we didn't warn you.

  6. You can get a new connector from places like FordFuelInjection.com or maybe even LRS and other resto' houses.

    What rad do you have? If a large aluminum version, you can run a 3.8L Taurus fan or Viper fan. You might be able to get a Contour fan to fit as well. If going aftermarket, I'd look hard at Spal.

    On the off-chance that it helps, here's a little tech note with some cooling system stuff to check:

    94-95 Mustangs Cooling System Diagnostics - Mustang-Tech
  7. Thanks...Have a Fluidyne radiator. Ordered a Dormn stock type assembly..... fan/shroud, and it will be delivered tomorrow. My son is looking for a connector, if he gets one he'll install Friday night. Otherwise I'll order a connector and install next week.

    Going on a road rally Sunday, would like to use the stang but could use the truck I guess....... Wolf Habitat road Rally Went last year it's kinda scary and fun at the same time!! :nice:

  8. Sounds like fun. :nice:

    You could use spade connectors while waiting for a new fan connector to arrive.....
  9. Without a cooling fan, all of our Mustangs would overheat just idling. In my experience, it takes driving about 35-40mph (In Los Angeles, at least) for our cooling system to exchange enough heat on its own to keep the engine temp down. Hissin lists the two fans that are upgrades for our cars; most of the aftermarket ones just can't cool as well as the stock fan.
  10. Installed a Dormn oem type assembly today with temp wire connectors. Only the motor housing touches the vortech pulley. :nonono: I think the motor cover just comes off but I was disgusted and hot ..... 93 here today. May try to slip a screwdriver in tomorrow and see if I can pop it off.:shrug:

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  11. Fan came on so life is good. :D Used spade connectors, the real connector comes in a couple days. Took the cover off the fan assembly this morning. Which my son reminded me about. :)

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  12. there was a recall for this (or a very similar) problem.
  13. Well done. :nice:

    Hangin' with the wolves looks like fun. :)
  14. The wolves were fun !! had a great time.
  15. The problem still persists!!! Hard to get rid of..... :mad:

    I am wondering if the 2nd speed is out in my car radiator fan?? pretty sure it is a 2 speed. Is there a relay for that!!
  16. The fan relays are in the CCRM. If you want some general info and to check the in/outs for the fan, refer to the EDF and HEDF (low and high, respectively) portion in the following link :

    94-95 Mustangs Electrical CCRM - Mustang-Tech
  17. Thanks.... looks like just what I need!!