Hello From Detroit.

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  1. Actually a near by suburb. I'm building a 1990 vert for my wife. Just started the engine build hope to have it road ready by spring. This is my first ford to build so I will be reading a lot and asking many questions I'm sure. I'm starting with a new ford 302 short block and a set of e street heads and typhoon intake 70mm bbk throttle body and egr spacer The intake is ported and gasket matched. Well that's where I'm at so far.

  2. Some pictures from when we got it. Needs some love but it has good bones.

    hu8y7aha.jpg apemynyg.jpg
  3. Looks good, :welcome: to :SN: !!
  4. Wow, that looks nice! So many older verts have half rotted tops, that one looks pretty good plus the exterior looks good. Hope the mechanicals are as good!