Hello From Georgia! New To Site / First Time Mustang Owner.be Gentle!

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  1. Hello fellow Mustang people!
    I reside in Georgia and had the oppertunity a year ago to purchase a 2011 GT that I instantly fell in love with! I am a learn as you go type person and try doing everything my self before giving in to let a professional do it.I have only done a few mods so far but I am quickly getting hooked! I purchase all my stuff unpainted and paint them myself to save a few bucks that I can reinvest in more toys for my car LOL.Here are a few pics of my whip.I thoroughly enjoy seeing what everyone else is doing to theirs!! 100_3206.JPG 100_3207.JPG 100_3208-1.jpg 100_3213.JPG 100_3210.JPG
  2. Welcome!
    We're not as bad as those other sites.

    As long as you have a willingness to help yourself, listen to suggestions and answer questions or state your car issues as clearly as possible, these guys are more then willing to help.
  3. Welcome to the forums.
  4. Welcome aboard!
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  5. :welcome: to :SN:

    nice looking mustang