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  1. Hello Guys and gals,
    My name is Eamon the only reason I am fortunate enough to say I own a mustang is because my friend blew his motor up and then sold the car to me for what cash I had in my pocket. That final price was 200$!
    So as stoked as I was I towed the car home from Orange County and there she sat for about 2 years....:notnice:
    I have been a Honda guy since I was 13. I built my first Honda when I was 16. Learned to drive a stick in it then I went and ruined it by dumping a B-series in it, had a blast except when it came to smogging. It's funny I would constantly scour the highway for 5L mustangs just for the fun of having a 1.6l motor pull away from a 5L. Secretly I always wanted one so it was only natural I wanted to embarrass all mustang owners. :D
    After seeing the Honda through many fun trips to the track and on the street I finally realized I wanted the stang more. I sold the Honda and put every penny into motor, brakes, suspension.
    I did all the work myself so I saved quite a bit and considering I put 8k into a Honda and only saw 3 of it come back to me. I put a lot of work into this thing and had a blast doing it. So I officially say what's up to all fellow stang owners especially the fox guys and gals.
  2. :welcome: to :SNSign:

    I won't hold the Honda stuff against you, since you have a Mustang now. Got any details about the new-to-you Fox?
  3. So i thought i'd post some pics and see what the other fox-loves think of the setup and process.
    When i first got it, it sounded like this.
    YouTube - Mustang Engine Problem

    It turned out to be a couple thrown rods, no oil up top, a broken oil pump connecting rod, pieces of the bottom end of the pistons in the oil pan, a seized oil pump.

    Here are some pics...






    Had to take this pic.....it's so empowering...knowing you can pickup the whole front end of the car!






    I broke down everything and went to town on the chassis, sanded painted, wire tuck.
    The block went in for the next size over pistons, but the guys at Kenyon machine Took good care of me, resleeved and .040 pistons at 10:1 comp.

    The heads are the stock E7 :( Oversized valves, new springs the whole nine.

    New hydraulic lifters with retainers, Converted to roller rockers, and comp rods, everything 1.7 ratio.


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    View attachment 235549





    All the OG tweed is in great condition, actually everything on this car was really well taken care of....All i had to do was vaccuum and shampoo and it was solid.

    View attachment 235554



    Changed all the nasty flourescent bulbs for the LEDs from Superbrightled.com.
    Believe it or not for as ****ty as the site looks these guys came through with a quickness. Everything was perfect..check it out, It's hard to get good dark pics on a cam-phone but hell you get the idea.





    View attachment 235561

    More pics and video when i get the rest of it pieced together...
    Opinions/comments welcome. Just remember this is my first domestic, i've been an import guy since i was 13.
  4. Welcome, Eamon. Glad you stopped by! :)
  5. thanks for having me. i hope to rep Stang-net proudly down here in san diego.
  6. Welcome!
  7. I am from the San Diego area as well, interesting how we registered in short succession of each other, haha.

    Interesting car, the 5.0Ls are pretty interesting, and if I understand correctly, they're very well balanced as well.
  8. Welcome to Stangnet Eamon!
    Enjoy the forums here bro.
    Are you a San Diego Chargers fan?