HELP! My "new" Cobra is at the dealership; got warranty and fuel map questions.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by TheFleshRocket, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. You got lucky. :nice: Make sure you do more buisness with that dealership to show your support for the way they stepped up and handled the problem.

    Did Ed ever get back with you on whether you have a chip or a flash?

  2. Yeah I figure at the very least I'll go ahead any pay the $55 for the tow as a "thank you" even though they should have known to call roadside assistance for a warranty tow.

    I haven't gotten a reply from Ed yet--I sent him another email earlier today with an update on the warranty issue. Hopefully I'll see a reply in a day or two.
  3. Why would that have to be. You do not have to buy a handheld to do a flash. Many tuners flash without selling you a handheld. What did they do before handhelds were sold. Flashing has been done for several years now.
  4. I'm well aware of that. I was just asking if the previous owner had given him one is all. I realize it would be pretty obvious that if he did in fact receive one from the previous owner, then more than likely his car was flashed vs chipped. Never hurts to ask the obvious though.

  5. Still waiting to hear back from Ed at RWTD with any more potential information about how the tune was applied. The previous owner said that Ed "sent him an updated tune". Is it likely that Ed just emailed him an updated tune which he inputted with a programmer, or would Ed just have sent him an updated chip to install? (If chips are "cheap", maybe the latter is possible.)

    I haven't gotten the car back from the dealer yet so I can't just check the ECU and see if there is a chip in there. Hopefully Monday?
  6. I got a call from the dealership today. They said they replaced the fuel pump and now there is fuel pressure, but it's not enough pressure. Apparently there is some sort of pump booster which is also not working. They said if they tap on it, it will bring up pressure to the right level but only for a few seconds. The pump booster should be in tomorrow (Thursday). Got my fingers crossed that I'll get the car back by Thursday or Friday at the latest.