Headlights Or Signals!

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  1. my headlights and turn signals dont work but my highbeams, hazards, and all other lights are working fine. can anyone help me pls?!
  2. Try replacing the bulbs. If there still not working it could be a bad ground connection, or could be a bad signal relay.
  3. where is my signal relay?
  4. Check your Owners manual but it should be under the dash on the drivers side with a big yellow box you cant miss it.
  5. What are the chances of all/most of the bulbs failing at the same time? If this were me, I would check the fuses first (inside driver's kick panel and engine bay).

    IMO the more likely failure point is the steering column multi-function switch.
  6. I don't think it does but I could be wrong. Also on the blinker when you use it does show a green flashing arrow or is it black like no sound no flashing arrow. and how old are the low beam bulbs.
  7. so i just checked all my fuses and turns out the one for my signals was burned out so i replaced it and now turn signals r workin but still no headlights so ill check the bulbs n the mornin...thanks for the input!!
  8. Kind of unusual that they would all go out like that. Something is caused the fuse to blow and im betting they are related.
  9. so today on my way to work i drove for bout 15 minutes and signals all the sudden stop workin so i get to work and check the new fuse and its blown again so i put another new fuse in and it blew again on the way home...what would b causin this????
  10. a short.

    OBTW, the only point in common for the head lights AND the turn signals is the Multi-function switch. Separate Fuses for both systems.
  11. Same problem over a year ago. wmburns is correct. pull the multi function switch and replace it. check the wires leading to it for burn. that is your problem.
  12. thank u!!! is the multi function switch located under driver side dash right next to fuse box??
  13. thanks alot! wat part of vegas do u live in??
  14. um... the multi function switch is the wiper/headlight/turn signal lever on the left side of your steering column. the two piece harness is inside the steering column attached to the base of the actual lever. it has wires that run under the dash leading to the main harness, but it is not under the dash.
  15. my highbeams still work fine so if they work do u still think that it can b my multi function switch??
  16. Yes. But I bet its flash to pass that works and not actual high beams. Either way though that is all controlled right in the mfs.
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  17. yeah ur right it is the flash to pass that works. so i pulled out my mfs just to see if any of the wires were burnt or meesed up at all and they all look ok so i guess im just gonna have to buy a new mfs...thanx everyone for all ur help!! !!
  18. Buy it online at advance auto parts search retailme not for a coupon code to add to the cart saves a lot of money and on the off chance it isn't the part you can return it. When you remove it from the harness look at the connections for burn.
  19. i looked at all the wires, harnesses, and connectors and no burns anywhere but that has to b problem so ill search for a cheap one online...thanx!!!!!