Help Running Rich And No Power Once Out Of Vacuum

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  1. hi i just purchased a 96 mustang cobra with a procharger supercharger. the other day the rubber fitting that holds the plastic intake tube to the metal tube that runs to the supercharger popped off and my car died on the spot. hooked it back up and started it again and it backfired real bad and blew one of the vacuum lines off. the car only read about 10 psi of vacuum on the boost gauge when i bought it. the vacuum line that blew off had a little hole in it and thats why it was low. now the vacuum is back at about 20 21 psi. but now the car runs terrible since the day the intake tube popped off. at idle my a/f gauge reads 12:1. and now once i hit any kid of boost the car falls right on itself and doesnt rev up anymore and almost seems like its going to die. it seems like it only happens once the car hits boost. the fuel pressure is 25 psi at idle. the car runs normal when its in vacuum but once it hits boost its almost like its cutting the fuel off. the car ran fine when i got it when it was running only 10 psi of vacuum. is there something that could of went wrong with the supercharger where its not pushing any air in just want some opinions of what could be wrong thanks
  2. i put scat aircraft duck on the intake tube to keep the 2 ends from popping out would that have to do with it since its not a totally flat surface inside the tube
  3. I can't answer your question, but I will make a suggestion. Post this in the SN95 4.6 section. Alot more eyes there. This section doesn't see alot of traffic.

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