Help Tapatalk hates me

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by GroverDill, Jan 26, 2013.

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    I think I have been here long enough?
  2. tapatalk does some crazy chit. mine keeps telling me theres no topics. Best thing to do is go into your apps and clear data and cache for tapatalk. Youll have to login again, but usually fixes things albeit temporarily :cool:
  3. ya I did that, same results.
  4. that sucks. maybe noobz will jump in and sort it out
  5. LOL... I'll get you fixed up Grover. Not many belong to the same user group that you do and you fell through the cracks.
  6. Le fixed

  7. Can't log in thru tapatalk either here....
  8. You don't meet the requirements for an Official Member yet.
  9. Noobz, how about venturing over to the corral and fix up theyre tapatalk issues LOL :rolleyes:
  10. LOL... I haven't been over there in years.
  11. Last I heard, Corral was bought out by company/corporation, whatever. Usually when something like that happens, support for the forum itself gets neglected.
  12. yep, couple of years ago already
  13. Figures... was bought for its user base and now nothing is done to develop that user base. It's not the priority for the company. Some schmuck in accounting or marketing probably looks in on it once a quarter. :shrug:
  14. yeah i think Chris Ihara ran off into the sunset