help with my GF's car.

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  1. shes got an 05 sentra 1.8L. its been doing this for a while aparently, im detailin her car for her over christmas break, and i want to fix this problem. it takes forever to crank. like more than 8 seconds, with a pause in the middle. even if its up to temp it cranks twice as long as a toyota.

    she said she had someone look at it once and i forget what she said it was but it didnt make sense, it was like a crank sensor, or something that didnt make sense, so im thinking its the CPS or the cam PS. when i get back to school im gonna try to look at it. what can i do to pinpoint it? any ideas?
  2. Code scanner?
  3. weak starter?
  4. does it crank slow or just take forever? if it was a crank or cam position sensor, a CEL would be on and it wouldn't run well.
  5. cam postion snesor
    or timing!
    check timing....should have a small cap looking th9ing that has a bolt that loosens to turn and adjust timing(sort of like a distbitur) they tend to get loose on some cars(did on my 1.8L) turned it back and tightened it was good>

    does car seems sluggish?
  6. Does it crank slow, or does it just crank a long time before it actually starts? And does her boyfriend know there's an "Other Auto Tech" forum for this sort of thing? :D
  7. hush up darkwriter :nono: i stick to BHR and 5.0 talk, i didnt even know we had this forum, but i do from here out. :flag:

    no it cranks like a racehorse, and once its running theres no CEL, and it runs good, very peppy little car, no hesitation.
  8. Sounds like a fuel problem. Most start fast .start with basic diagnostic routines complete tune up and use a spark plug gapper.fuel filter is a must and pcv and air.also google obd2 alot of good info . Good luck