help with tints please!!!

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  1. just got my tints today 15%

    they didnt tell me about the rear window dot matrix. he had to cut it short. it looks like ****, what can i do with this? i really dont want to have to make this a big project. anyone else have this problem??
  2. A pic might help, what do you mean buy cut it short, and were was it cut sort, top or bottem?


  3. sorry i dont have pics at this moment... ill take them tomorrow, its dark outside.

    he cut it short at teh top. he said that if he put the tint over the dots it would look even worse. i dont know, it looks half-assed now.

    would i be able to put lettering in that area?
  4. What if you put a glare strip in the back there.

  5. black vinyl
  6. Have him put a strip of black vinyl INSIDE the rear window to cover the dot-matrix. I had it done and it looks good.

  7. would i be able to do it myself? long drive to the place i had the tints done.

    where could i get the black vinyl?
  8. Yea, where could you get black vinyl from because i got the same problem!
  9. i thought you could purchase it from any tintinh shop, correct me if im wrong because i really could use it too :shrug:
  10. I had the vinyl put in mine too. Looks ok but it helps to smooth out the air bubbles after a few days.
  11. That [email protected]&%ing sucks.. I dunno what to say. I feel your pain. :bang:
  12. well i bought a roll of black vinyl, the woman who sold it to me said she does stangs all the time and the dot matrix is a pain in the ass. so, im gonna apply it as soon as my finals are over.

    for anyone with this tint problem, you can buy a small roll of black vinyl used for custom graphics at your local speed shop. i got mine for 8 bucks and it looks like more than enough.

  13. some people put the black vinyl on the outside of the may be easier to work with that way than on the inside, especially if you're doing it yourself...either way it will look much better than those dots. i had the vinyl strip put on the outside of my back window.
  14. tint fix

    Well first you need to remove the tint over the dot matrix and then put some black vinyl over that, you can find that at any sign shop. Thats what I did with my stang rear window.
  15. I just had it tinted over the bumps. Havent had any problems yet (4 years).
  16. I had mine tinted over the bumps as well (on several cars). Just and get a squeegee and keep pressing it into the bumps for the first 2-3 days. It will eventually look OK.....Mine did.
  17. Yeah, juest listen to everyone and go with the black vinly. If done right it looks perfect.
  18. whats a dot matrix?!?!?

  19. This may be a silly question, but I'm asking because I've never tried it.

    Can't you just get rid of those with a razor blade? Shear off all the bumps and tint over it?

  20. i think you can also sand the dots off and then tint over it.

    finals just ended so now i have alot of time to play ;]

    I think im going to put the vinyl on today

    anyone have any pics of their black vinyl on the back window?