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  1. Alright so I used my christmas money for a new Belt,and to put in my BOSS CD/DVD/Touch-Screen/MP3/USB, and still have 100 left for my neon lights and then i bought XM Radio at walmart (Im not new to xm), and earlier when i got my mustang i noticed that i couldnt charge my cell phone in the cigarette thing, so the didnt come on so i went to go up and check my fuse diagram replaced the cigarette fuse thing and it still didnt light up so i go to Autozone and O'rileys and they didnt know the guy at o'rileys popped out my bottom dash to see the wires and everything was alright, he tested the power to the cigarette thing and it showed no power he said it was a accessory fuse and i called a mechanic and he said he couldnt even think of what was wrong i just dont get it!!

    2001 Ford Mustang V6;White with grey racing stripes.
  2. Your lighter fuse was probably pwnt by your neon and stuff. It's only hot when your ignition is on BTW.

    Throw a period in there once in awhile, too! ;-)
  3. I said it before and I'll say it again....neons = [​IMG]
  4. The cigarette lighter socket and also the accessory outlet near the shifter are both hot when the ignition is off.At least in mine,and every other stang I've owned. :shrug:
  5. Nooo guys lol i mean i havent installed my neons yet thats on monday or wensday i mean like its just like dead i really dont know whats up any suggestions :) ??
  6. So you replaced the fuse? Or at least checked the correct one? Does your radio or horn work? What about the accessory outlet near the shifter? If they verified it wasn't getting power,then either you replaced the wrong fuse,or you replaced the correct one and it blew out very soon afterwards......or you got another wiring problem.First check the (correct) fuse.It's a blue 15A.Don't replace it with any amperage lower or higher than what's specified.Check the power to the socket right after you replace it (Don't plug anything in yet).Now,if you have a voltage present at the terminals,plug in a cell charger or other 12V accessory to verify.Chances are that something your plugging in could be blowing the fuse right away.I'd suspect the cell charger unless you are sure it works by having used it in another car.

    A friendly word of advice,could you please start adding your . . . Periods . . . at the end of each sentence.It's difficult to read.
  7. Hello
    I hope you can help me with this problem.
    I have a 1966 mustang coupe,
    I have water coming down inside, behind the
    heater. It is not the heater. The heater is fine.
    They tell me that it is coming from the vent,
    between the windshield and hood. It leaks
    only when I wash the car and whe it rains.
    I wondering if any body could tell me how to fix it.
    Or what do I have to do.
    I really appreicate.


  8. Yeah thanks man, thats really good detail (Not being sarcastic i like when people help).Yeah my radio and horn both work just fine. Is it the only 15A Blue thats the accessory because the accessory outlet near my shifter thats the one im talking about. Thats the plug that nothing happens its a cigarette lighter too i guess. Let me see after you post that its the only 15A Blue and ill go check it real quick and do you know which one is the accessory outlet?

  9. Wrong forum! :nono: This is the 3.8s with Neon forum.

    You have holes in your cowl pan under the vents at the base of the windshield. It's a very common problem with classic Stangs due to a shoddy original design by Ford. To prevent the water, gasketed covers are available that keep water out during rain or carwashes, but to permanently fix the problem you'll have to get in there and replace the rusted metal.
  10. Ok there are 2 different fuses here.There are actually a few 15A fuses under your dash,but one of them specifically controls the cigarette lighter,horn and the radio.This one does NOT control the accessory outlet or what the manual calls "Powerpoint".Sorry my fault

    Under the hood,there's a fuse box on the drivers side next to the washer fluid resevoir.The small 30A fuse (2nd one from the bottom) is the one that controls accessory outlet,cigar lighter and power lumbar.

    I keep forgetting about that one.Sorry for the confusion.

    On another note.You CANNOT use the accessory outlet for the ciggy lighter.It's only meant for powering "other" devices.Using it for your ciggy lighter will damage the socket or possibly start a fire.
  11. Alright bro, i went to my friends house to take a pic (I want to thank you for helping me so far man). I got my neons installed btw :D theyre so pretty. Alright heres the pic is it the green 30 because my tester kit says its alright so here http://e.imagehost.org/0565/PICT0456.jpg you can circle it on windows paint to see please please respond
  12. Check your PM's.

    It's the large 20A MAXI fuse ..4th one up on the right side next to the relays.
  13. Haha i just caught that no my car is far from a riceburner man, and i really dont take kindly to ****ty degrading posts such as yours, so screw off, and regaurdless if a mustang has neons or not any work done to a mustang underneath its still a mustang and shows that you are obviously not a mustang fan keep dreaming that youll have a real exotic car :)
  14. I'm a huge Mustang Fan, but come dude. Neons died out a long time ago. I would actually like to see your neon install though. Most newbs mount the tubes so low you can see them as they drive by. $100 bones for a neon kit? That's sounds like the one you can get at Pep Boys. The ones I have seen on some nice vehicles run anywhere from $500 to $1000 clammies.

    But really though, that pic you posted really disturbs me as a Mustang Fan. That has got to be the nastiest engine compartment I have seen in a while. YUK!:ack: Get it steam cleaned already, YO! Ain't no fly honeys gonna be down wit dat! :rlaugh: