1. so i was driving to school today in stop and go traffic and in like 90-100 degree weather...car drove fine no problems. after class (hour and a half later) i turn on my car and its idling pretty high, drive it a couple blocks and notice the temp needle rising fast, i pulled over and turned it (made a weird noise) ... parked it for a couple hours and let it cool off while at my girlfriends house... when i went for it again, temp gauge is at half but STILL idling high, as if my throttle cable was messed up or stuck...drove it home and it drove fine (even on the freeway for a bit) FEELS healthy but idk whats the problem... any ideas? id greatly appreciate it
  2. There could be a NUMBER of things wrong here. There's not much information to go on in your initial post.

    If I had to take a stab in the dark though, it would be this:

    You may have a vacuum leak somewhere. A broken hose, something that's fallen off of the port or some similar problem. It would explain the high idle and if running lean, might also explain the elevated temps on a hot day.

    Air in the cooling system would explain the high temp reading on it's own but doesn't cover the high idle symptom.

    So go over all of your vacuum hosed with a fine toothed comb. Look for anything that's broken or disconnected. A spray can of starting fluid, can help you zero in by spraying lightly around your engine bay and listening for an idle surge. This will happen when starting fluid gets ingested into the motor by any open vacuum orifice.
  3. strange noise and a bad idle? I second vacuum leak. go through the surging idle checklist. its a sticky in the tech forum.
  4. i cant hear a vacuum leak tho, could it be a clogged maf or iac? also i think my water pump went out, took off the radiator cap and cranked it, coolant didnt go anywhere like it is supposed to smh feels like a nightmare