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  1. I'm having trouble getting my zex nitrous kit to recognize my full throttle with the drive by wire. Can anyone help. I talked tozex he said take the wire right to the gas pedal. Does anyone know which wire that is at the pedal.
  2. Crawl under the dash and look for a switch that triggers off of the gas pedal at Wide Open Throttle. If there isn't one then you may need to mount a window switch.

    I found the attached document on the Zex website. I'm sure that you've already seen it but I've loaded up for you just in-case you got the kit second hand, without instructions.

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  3. Yes I have those papers. bought it new. The problem is there are 8 wires coming off the gas pedal and not just a switch I was hoping somebody had this issue and knew the exact wire. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it. Zex was able to just tell me to use the pedal but not wich wire as the have problems with the ford drive by wire on the throttle body.

  4. Try this:


    It looks like it's the green/purple wire going into the TPS sensor.

    Click on the link under the video to start it in the right spot.

    Go to 5 minutes and 50 second on the video if the link doesn't start it there for some reason.

    Hope this helps and let us know.
  5. Thanks that's the wire the zex kit says to hook up to but it doesn't work properly. Zex says it doesn't work good on the Ford and to connect to a wire at the pedal but they were unable to tell me which wire. Thanks though. Anyway hooked up to that but only engages at half throttle.
  6. Perhaps @84Ttop can help. He should be along shortly.

  7. One other thing that I noticed on the install. The Zex kit has a LEARNING controller. There may be steps that have to be taken to properly TEACH the controller to act accordingly.
  8. Yeah its actually a problem that zex knows about but couldn't really help other than to wire it right to gas pedal. They were unable to tell me the wire.
  9. That sucks. One would think that they would be very up-front about such things when selling to owners of the affected model years. :nonono:

    If I come across a fix for that I'll be sure to post up. SOMEONE out there has to have come across this problem before. Enthusiasts usually solve many of these issue before the manufacturer does.
  10. Yeah that's why I posted here. I figured I can't be the first guy to have the issue since zex did know about it. Thanks for the help.
  11. I'm going to give one more shout-out to @[email protected] . I see that CJ Pony Parts sells this kit. They're a site sponsor and may have come across this issue before.
  12. Awesome that would be great
  13. The activation wire on the throttle body should be green/violet. Should is the key word here... I have had a similar problem with another car and found the brown wire in the harness at the throttle body to be the trigger than the nmu needs to see. Aslo, have you installed the inline resistor and followed the programming instructions? Most problems that I see are in the user programming. In the last 10 or so years I can only remember 3 of these nmu boxes going bad and two of those were internal leaks on the solenoids. I would refrain from tying this into the pedal just yet, especially if the manufacture can't give you clear directions.
  14. Thanks I did try the brown wire and it engaged the first time at wot but would not engage again. I also have the resistor wire in line. If I have it hooked up to the green violet wire it only reads half throttle for engagement. Please anyone help. I have drag races coming up and the way it sits the nitrous would be activated while waiting at the Line. Which is not an option. And zex did not respond when I questioned them about the gas pedal wiring.
  15. If it works once and not again that leads me to believe its a programming issue and not an issue with the activation wire. Are the status lights as they are described in the directions? Have you checked to see the voltage swing with a meter on the green/violet or the brown wire?
  16. I haven't checked the voltage swing but the status light on the box is showing correctly. There really isn't a whole lot to the program. Turn key to on. Turn activation switch to on. Press button on box light turns red. Press throttle down for 10 seconds. Lights flash from red to green to off. Meaning it learned the swing. Turn off activation switch. Turn on switch and press throttle to try activation. I think this is right let me know. Thank you.
  17. The programming sounds spot on. Perhaps its time to call Zex back for a more definitive answer, ask to speak with an engineer. If you hooked the box up exactly as described in their directions and it is not calibrating properly this sounds like a problem on their end as opposed to yours. I feel as though a product should work exactly as described when installed per manufacture directions and if that is not the case ( which it doesn't seem to be here) then I would politely ask them to replace your NMU box.
  18. Thank you for all your help. I will be calling zex today.
  19. Please let us know how you make out! Best of luck