Hey scrming?

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  1. Nice web page you have going there.

    What exhaust are you running? I didnt see any exhaust mods listed on your page.
  2. He just has a Magnaflow axle-back muffler, same as me. IIRC.
  3. Yep... that's exactly what I'm running... for now... :crazy:
  4. Why havent you guys upgraded to duals?

    I think that exhaust has been under researched on these cars.

    The pipes leaving the cats are 2.25in, at the y, they merge into a 2.5 in pipe. That y has to be a significant bottleneck.

    The GT h-pipe and GT duals I added seem to have really freed up the exhaust. I wish I had access to a dyno to see what Im putting down with just that mod.
  5. Actually I've done a fair amount of research... and everything I've come up with says there is no significant gain by going to a dual setup... so for now I'll be sticking with the single exhaust....

  6. BTW.. thanks for the compliment!!!
  7. I am getting a custom 93 Octane Dyno tune on Monday. And in a few weeks or so, I am going to put on an X-pipe, a GT mid-pipe, and run JBA mufflers. And then I will do another dyno tune.

    I think you are right--I don't think the performance gains will be significant, especially NA. But I will have some soild before and after numbers for us to compare.

  8. Looking forward to your results! I've been kicking around the idea of duals just to get a better (louder) sound... LOL!

    We've never done back to back runs on my single Magnflow but based on stock values and where I'm at it's has to be good for around 10RWHP... perhaps a little more...
  9. Im guessing true duals are good for 10-20hp.

    Maybe not peak hp, but at some points throughout the powerband.

    I seem to have much more acceration off the line, so much more, Im going to have traction problems with only a few more mods.

    Ive got an auto, BTW.

  10. We shall see, along with Excepcion13 I will also be putting in an X pipe. Though I would love to show Scrming that a true dual with net more gain, I'm not holding my breath.
  11. so this x-pipe you guys mention... it's a magnaflow for the GT and then you just pick up the mid-pipe for the GT also? mid-pipe come from your local ford dealership? how about the x-pipe? who's got the best price?
  12. Usually people go with the magnaflow trux 2.5 universal part and have a shop fab around it. Best price on it is ebay. Midpipe comes from a ford dealership or kevin.
  13. Usually people go with the magnaflow trux 2.5 universal part and have a shop fab around it. Best price on it is ebay. Midpipe comes from a ford dealership or kevin.
  14. You can use ANY prefab x-pipe for a GT. Summit has them for less than $150. I like the Mac ss pipe myself. Its about $220 shipped.

    The V6 and GT use the exact same hanger and the pipe fits perfectly. The only thing is the GT pipe is 2.5 diameter while our y-pipe is 2.25 diameter, so the pipe will need to be welded on.

    The big advantage to the GT x-pipe is that it is all mandrel bent. I dont know why you would buy a universal x-pipe and go to the expense of having it welded up with crush bends in it.

    The oem GT h-pipe Im useing fits and sounds great.
  15. Ok.. I found the this on E-bay from a shop in Michigan! (LOL!)


    So then I would just need a dual kit that includes the mid-pipes.. or pick up the drivers side mid-pipe from Ford... and of course the hangers..

    Some day I just want to put duals on for more sound... I've heard a couple of V6s with dual at Lidio's... and while the duals may or maynot add HP they certainly sounded bad a$$!! Loud? I like like LOUD!

    So if you were going for loud... which way would you go???
  16. Run them straight through!!!

    I believe that the H is louder than the X. And if MSP is corect, the Prochamber is even louder than the H.
  17. I have heard the opposite, x is louder than h.

    My GT exhaust is no louder than the V6 single exhaust with a GT takeoff muff, and that is barely louder than the stock V6 muff.

  18. Loud = H pipe.