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  1. im debatin on what i wanna do now since its x mas ... i can basically do whatever i want .. i dunno what i want to do yet tho .. i dunno i want a 5.0 and i want tto keep my lx too
  2. wheres ur car u have pics
  3. No pics yet, I don't have a digital camera. I'm looking a uBid though, good prices there.

    I think you should get the 5.0 stang as a project car, and use your LX as a daily driver. I would do something like that, but a 5.0 is too damn expensive for me because of insurance, and gas.
  4. yea i know my friend had one then it broke thats where i got my stock photos from hopefully after christmas i can get some more

  5. id atcually like to see picuters of that, i tried to do that myself, and it didnt work, the TB isnt in the same place. that little black box on the shock tower is directly in the way or the MAF to TB tube, the 2.3L MAF sensor doesnt have two round openings like the 5.0s, and the 5.0 MAF sensor itself makes the car run so rich it stalls instantly after starting........but i would like to know how you made it work
  6. I dunno, but I wanna turn my GT into a Cobra :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :nice:
  7. hey

    i ripped my air box completly out thier is non everything is gone and yes it does work its eash as nuts ... and yes after christmas ill have pics of my rims and everything for everyone and my intake that people say doesnt work...
  8. please do.......cuz im thinkin you took off your MAF as well, which means your ECU gets into its presets, which means your cars prolly runnin lean as hell
  9. this is about the only metal CAI ive ever seen on a n/a 2.3L, (just so happens to be mine on my old car)

  10. my car runs fine and it sounds good as hell and mine kind alooks like that its bit diff tho..
  11. What did you do with your mass air meter?
  12. thats what i was trying to ask him....
  13. Yea their off i have to put them on to i know thats bad and im loosin hp from it and not enough gas is gettin to my engine i know all that i dont drive my car alot thats y i gotta put them on over the winter im gonna mount my sensor their too..
  14. i have 5 units of air coming in..and i need and equal amount of gas fuel units
  15. They, their, them...say what?

  16. were putting them in right now lol later..
  17. anyone here know how to turn off this beeping thing on my computer? I'm not positive, but I think the $#@#% :bs: detector got overloaded again.
  18. :rolleyes:

    :leaves this thread to find block function:
  19. thanks for helpin me people and i got the things ready to put on the intake tomarrow its gonna be a itch but it wont be that bad thanks....
  20. let me be the first to say....WTF....it sounds like youve got the rare duel Mass air meter motor :scratch:

    You have 5 units of air??? You mean your air/fuel ratio is 5:1????? if so id say your a little on the rich side ;)